Screen Print Wash

  • System 3 Acrylic Printing Medium

    …to produce a highly economical, low-odour water-based screen printing ink. The medium retards the drying of acrylic colour on the screen and reduces the risk of screen blocking, making it easier to wash out. Screens, kept moist, will wash out easily with soap and water. Colours retain great density…

  • System 3 Textile Printing Medium

    Textile Printing Medium has been developed for screen printing on fabric. Mix 1:1 with System 3 colours to give strong colour, fine definition and colour fastness over 20+ washes.• Works well on cotton, cotton mixes, synthetics, silk and natural fibres • Heat fix with an iron • 5…

  • System 3 Screen Drawing Fluid

    …fluid direct to the screen by brush to create a drawn image. Use neat or dilute with water for finer detail. Once dry, block out the entire screen with removable screen block. Once this is dry, wash out the drawing fluid with cold water to leave the positive image for printing.• 75ml bottle

  • Chromacryl Student Acrylic Paint

    …be used for all kinds of painting, collage, stained glass effects, as an adhesive for waste material constructions and as an ink for block and screen printing including textiles. Drying to a silky lustre, Chromacryl gives a long lasting waterproof surface with dry colours as brilliant as it was when…

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