• Twintec Mains TT4045

    A practical, simple to use, corded combination machine built on a full stainless steel chassis. This scrubber dryer is an ideal package where you need to clean and dry a floor in one easy pass. • Brush motor power: 1500W• Vacuum motor power: 1200W• Brush diameter: 450mm • Speed:…

  • R15/30 Duo Scrubber & Polisher

    One machine to scrub, strip, clean and polish uneven, ceramic, slate or tiled floors.• Motor: 1125/1500 watts• Speed: 150/300 rpm• Pad: 430mm (17")• The drive board will fit standard cleaning/polishing pads to do a variety of tasks• Ergonomic handle with simple…

  • Twintec Battery TTB4045

    A practical, simple to use, cordless combination machine. This scrubber dryer is an ideal package where you need to clean and dry a floor in one easy pass.• Brush motor power: 400W • Vacuum motor power: 400W • Brush diameter: 450mm• Speed: 100rpm• Capacity: 40L• Charge…

  • Twintec TTB-1840G

    The TTB-1840G represents an outstanding advance as a fully 24 volt battery operated, extra compact, floor maintenance machine, combining all the merits of scrubbing and drying where previously only mopping, or less effective cleaning, would be the only solution in congested areas. • Brush motor…

  • Bassine Deck Scrubber

    With its short stiff bristles, this product is ideal for the removal of stubborn dirt and grime. The handle is quick and simple to fit and replace due to the support bracket.• 9" brush• 4ft x 15/16" handle included

  • Toilet and Stair Scrubber - Floor Master 2

    Two brush scrubber/polisher with steel casing. Perfect for toilets and other confined areas.• Motor: 300W• Speed: 180 rpm• Pad: 150mm • Range: 12.5m• Weight: 8kg • Supplied with cleaning pads, polishing brushes and felt pads• Safety floor cleaning kit available to…

  • Clean & Buff Floor Maintainer

    High quality floor maintainer for routine spray buffing, mopping, and scrubber drying of hard floors. For clean, shiny, slip resistant floors.• Cleans, polishes and deodorises in one • 2 x 5 litres

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