Seed Shaker

  • Multicultural Seed Shakers 5pk

    shakers made from upcycled, natural materials. Your class will love to explore their fabulous sounds and may be inspired to create their own percussion from items they find outdoors.Includes:•Large Calabash•Small Calabash•Rattlestick•Wrist/Ankle Seed Shaker•Five-Ball Shaker

  • Caxixi Music Shaker

    Handheld percussion instrument consisting of seeds contained in a flat bottom closed basket. Hand-woven rattan shaker with a coconut base. Shake up and down for harsh, 'metallic' sounds or back and forth for a softer sound.• Capture children’s imagination.• Hand-woven Rattan• Create a…

  • African Percussion Set

    …theme.Contains:• Egg shakers• Monkey drums• Tulip blocks• Single caxixi seed shakers• Large seed shaker• Coconut maraca• Gambian cabasa• Wooden frog scraper• Clay ocarina• Double caxixi seed shaker• 5 ball shaker• Guide to African Music CD

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