• Matching Blocks

    Discover the pairs of blocks by dipping into the feely bag and matching the two textures. Encourage sensory recognition as you match the blocks by touch alone. Comes in a cotton draw string bag. Pack of 32.•Ideal for experiments on using the senses

  • Good Sense Automatic Air Care System

    Automatic air freshening unit with adjustable dispelling settings. The concentrated mini aerosol refill cartridge contains Odour Neutralising Technology (ONT) to remove malodours.• Requires: 2xAA batteries (see item code: 050141)• Gives up to 50 days of freshness per refill• Wall…

  • Primary Science™ Lab Set

    …learning. Develops the use of common science vocabulary through rewarding activities that engage all the senses. Concepts covered include principals and properties, materials, the senses and living things. Age: 4 years+.Set includes:• Beaker• Magnifying glass• Large test tube with…

  • On The Move Kit: Sensory Play

    …tactile exploration to flourish in your setting, both inside and outdoors! Children love stones, wood and other textures that stimulate their senses, nurture their thinking skills and inspire their first investigations. From simple ergonomic figures, to shapes from the natural environment, children…

  • Find the Match Fabric Sensory Beanbags

    A collection of tactile fabric squares for matching and sorting activities. Compare and contrast the squares. Look at the patterns and examine the textures. Find the matching pairs. Great for helping to develop early skills. The squares are the perfect size to be used by small hands. Age: 10…

  • Calming Sensory Balls

    Provides a multi-sensory experience that will awaken the senses or calm children down. The balls massage the entire body, provide buoyant support, deep-pressure sensation and encourage relaxation.• Made from polyethylene• Pack of 500• Size: 75mm diameter

  • Time Lapse And Motion Activated Camera

    …infrared, still photo, self-timer, IR flash and continuous shooting. Captures video and still images at specified times or when it senses motion.• 20m sensing distance• 12 megapixels • Capture mode, single or time lapse• 6 months standby time • Requires 8 x AA…

  • Wooden Blocks in Sack

    Beautifully hand crafted wooden play blocks designed to improve senses and develop imagination. Blocks are packed in a thick cotton sack. Age: 3 years+.• Made from selected wood that comes from FSC certified suppliers• Sanded perfectly smooth so that it is soft to touch and finished with…

  • Sensory Bag

    Delight all of a child's senses with this amazing combination of textures, smells, shapes and sounds. Each sensory bag comes complete with a number of activity ideas and have been designed to appeal to both boys and girls. To be used under adult supervision. Age: 3 years+.• Set includes: Hidden…

  • Circleline Scooter

    This scooter challenges children’s sense of co-ordination and balance. Lots of fun for everyone. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 450mm(w) x 1010mm(l)• Height at front: 760mm

  • French Praise Stickers

    These modern language stickers have some great French captions and are suitable for all your students as they have a sense of fun. Une petite recompense parfaite pour vos etudiants. • Size: 28mm(dia.)• 125 stickers

  • Small World Four Season Trees 12pk

    …counting and sorting.The naturally twisted trunks add a sense of nature to small world play. The trees are open-ended in the sense that children will imagine them to be other things, like microphones! The naturally twisted trunks add a sense of nature to small world play, bringing the experience of…

  • 1-10 Counting Cans

    Introduce counting, number sense and sorting as children sort the realistically detailed fruit and vegetables into the corresponding cans. Cans are labelled with numbers, words and pictures for guidance and reinforcement. Age: 3 years+.• Includes 55 foods, 10 durable cardboard cans and activity…

  • Circleline BikeRunner™

    The BikeRunner™ is the perfect choice when teaching children to develop their sense of balance. The bike doesn't have pedals and is pushed forward using their feet. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 450mm(w) x 810mm(l)• Height at front: 600mm • Seat height: 340mm

  • Place Value Puzzles

    …for a given amount with these fantastic new puzzles. Help pupils to understand the systematic progression of our number system in 10s and 1s, but show that number names do not always follow along e.g. thirteen would probably make more sense if it was 'onety three'!• Set of 66 puzzle pieces

  • Mirror Pebbles

    This set of smooth pebbles will fascinate children as they stack them or sort them into size order. A fantastic open-ended treasure collection with a lovely aesthetic quality, creating a real sense of awe and wonder. Age: birth+.• Pack of 20

  • Weighted Neck Pad

    The sensation of calming deep pressure on the shoulders can be helpful in reducing anxiety and increase a sense of calm. This shaped neck pad snuggles around the shoulders and upper back and is made of soft velour material, filled with PVC grains. Age: 3 years.• Size: 430mm(l)• Weight: 1.4kg

  • Ultra Bright LED Light Panels

    …by offering children a new perspective on anything that may be of interest to them. The soft glow from the light box transforms objects and can stimulate a sense of beauty and wonder. • Safe, lightweight and portable• Supplied with a 12V mains adaptor and lead• Available in 2 sizes

  • Outdoor 100 Mat

    Let children explore their knowledge around number sense with this hundred mat. Great for developing simple maths concepts from addition and subtraction through to number patterns and beyond. This durable, vinyl mat is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. • Size: 900mm(l) x 900mm(w)•…

  • Colour Book Band Labels 4250pk

    …set of colour-coded label• The perfect solution for ensuring and maintaining an organised school library as well as giving children a visible sense of progression.• 4250 Labels in total• Pack size:4250• Height:30 mm• Width:12 mm• Brand:TTS• Suitable for 5 to 11…

  • Light Up Rectangle Mirror

    …to your learning environment. An absorbing addition to all kinds of environments from babies and toddlers' rooms to sensory zones. By adding the light there is a sense of awe and wonder. •800mm(l) x 600mm(w) •Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included)•Wall Mounted (fixings not included)

  • Ancient Greece Spartan Shield

    …off an Ancient Greece history topic.Encourage further questioning and historical enquiry on the Battle of Thermopylae.Give your pupils a real sense of period by letting them hold the shield under adult supervision and discuss what life would have been like during that time.• New Product…

  • Past and Present Book Pack 7pk

    "A wonderful collection of books to support children make sense of past and present events.Includes titles featuring important figures and major events from the past. Contents may vary.A wonderful collection of books that will support teaching and learning about the past and present. Encourage…

  • Eggbox Maths Sets

    …This ready-to-use resource is a perfect 3D tens frame. Includes teacher's notes. Ideal to help visualise numbers, maths facts and develop a sense of number. We’ve also added a nifty nook so they sit easily together on their width and length, making them great for numbers to 10 and beyond.•…

  • Chalk Slates and Pencils

    …of activities from early year mark making to historical enquiry and role play to answer boards for class quizzes. Why not take your classroom back in time by becoming Victorians for the day? A great way to give a sense of period and enhance excitement and historical understanding.• Pack of 12

  • Mark Making Sequin Giant Dinosaurs

    …engaging surface, will delight and engage children in your setting. The sequined fabric is encased in a wooden frame. The surface encourages a sense of curiosity whilst supporting fine motor skills. Imagine having a treasure like dinosaurs on your wall that you could stroke their sequined surfaces…

  • Leitz TruSens Air Purifier

    …classroom or office space. These powerful air purifiers combat pollutants so you can all breathe easier. Experience the difference with remote sensing technology and two airflow streams. Experience a new kind of air purifier that combines science, style and technology.Featuring 360 degree…

  • Tactile Discs

    An inviting tactile material that challenges children's sense of touch on both hands and feet. Each of the tactile structures can be found on a large disc for positioning on the floor, as well as on a small disc that the can be held. The discs enable games to be played based on memory and…

  • Rexel RDX Shredders

    …in medium to large offices, with large bin capacities and super quiet motor. With the addition of non-stop Jam Free technology, where constant sensing stops jams before they happen. • Shreds up to 20, 80gsm sheets in a single pass (RDX2070), 18 sheets RDX1850 and 11 sheets RDM1150• Power save…

  • Number Bonds Answer Boards

    Help primary learners build number sense with these sturdy, hands-on answer boards, an ideal way of getting shy learners involved in group activities. Children can explore a variety of number bonds on these double-sided, write and wipe boards. Paddle-style boards feature a blank number bond on one…

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