Sensory Light Kit

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  • Sensory Light Kit

    Sensory lights provide a stimulating sensory environment that allows children to unwind and relax. This kit contains dazzling lights and calming sounds, that will help promote, active engagement and improve perceptual skills like tracking and scanning. Turn any sensory room, classroom or bedroom…

  • Dark Den Accessory Kit

    A perfect companion to black out sensory dens or other dark areas. This kit includes an exciting mix of lights for children to explore and touch like the plasma ball and textured bouncing light up ball. The lamps and light up accessories create a magical den space. Must be used under adult…

  • The Original Sensory Tub

    The Original Sensory Tub is an ideal starter kit on which to build up your equipment base and resources. Contains a wide selection of stimulation equipment that has been grouped under six different headings - tactile, weighted, vibration, visual, auditory and massage. All these products will…

  • Bubble Tube and Padded Seat Surround

    …feature.The colour changing aspects are also useful for promoting colour recognition and visual perception. This wonderful kit includes a Large Bubble Tube, a fitted Padded Surrounding and a bracket to keep the Bubble Tube stable. Fibre Optics and light source not included.• New Product 2022

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