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  • Sieve

    A nylon mesh sieve with a plastic handle.• Size: 150mm (6'') diameter

  • 16 Litre SYR Bulldog Bucket and Wringers

    • Superb bucket with wringing cone and filter trap• Capacity: 16 litre• Sold singly

  • Super Classroom Sand Set

    A great bumper pack of sand accessories. Age: 3 years+.Set includes:• 1 bucket and sieve, 2 hand diggers, 4 hand and foot moulds, 4 castle moulds, 1 watering can, 3 sail boats, 6 shovels, 2 sand mills, 2 rakes, 2 hand-held sieves and 6 sand moulds (1 each; house, tree, train, plane, starfish…

  • TTS Sand and Water Eco Kit

    An innovative collection for messy play that is skills focussed, offering a rich variety of possibilities and is made from bio materials, in soft, natural shades. If you want to enliven and refresh your sand and water resources and activities, then this may just be the collection to do so. It was…

  • TTS Radiant Activity Stacking Cones 20pk

    Introduce these versatile, vibrant, colourful cones to different learning environments for children to stack, post, roll and explore. Add them to your construction area and see them build and create. Suitable for ages 10 months and up. They work well with other materials such as blocks and…

  • Sand and Water Play Set

    An essential sand and water play set. Age: 3 years+.Set includes:• 1 bucket, 1 sieve, 1 rake, 1 spade and 8 assorted moulds• Colours may vary• Set of 12 pieces

  • Large Sand and Water Play Set

    This sand and water play set contains everything needed for having fun with sand and water. Age: 3 years+.Set Includes:• Shovels, scoops, rakes, claws, sieves, buckets, watering can, water wheels and sand moulds• Set of 60 pieces

  • Archaeology Dig Kit

    Be a real archaeologist! This kit is full of archaeological tools for finding those hidden treasures.Contents:• 3 x Sieve• 5 x Outdoor Brush• 5 x Small Trowel• 12 x Plastic Scraper• 1 x Archaeology Book

  • SYR® Interchange Freedom Mini Mop Heads

    Looped polyester mop with coloured yarn and stay flat band to prevent cross contamination.• For use with SYR Interchange Freedom Aluminium Handles• Suitable for use with sieve/wringer-type mop buckets• Fully launderable and autoclavable to 134°C• Size: 350mm• Available…

  • Changing Materials Science Kit

    Bumper kit of resources for use in lessons on changing materials. Suggested activities include mixing, separating and changing materials, comparing solids and liquids and examining what happens when materials are heated, as well as defining solids, liquids and gases.Contents:• Plastic…

  • Young Gardener Grab and Go Kit

    A fantastic self contained kit which is ideal for the young gardeners in school. Includes trowels, forks, gardening gloves, watering cans, pack of seeds and many more, all contained in a storage box. Contents may vary.• 5 x trowels• 5 x forks• 5 x pairs of gardening gloves• 3 x…

  • Metal Sand and Water Set 14pcs

    A high quality set of metal sand and water tools.Listen as the sand patters through the sieve, use the measuring scoops to make sure your sand tray recipes have just the right amount of ingredients or use the cups to fill the colander and watch as the sand pours through.Durable and visually…

  • TTS Eco Activity Stacking Cones 20pk

    Engage and enthral inside and out with these simple, yet versatile and creative, eco cones, that lend themselves to so many exciting learning possibilities. Suitable for ages 10 months and up. From stacking, threading and sorting, to using in physical development activities, small world and…

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