Skipping Ropes

  • Plastic Skipping Ropes

    Reinforced 6mm plastic ropes with moulded handles. • Available in two lengths: 2.13m and 2.74m• Colours: red, blue and green• Sold singly or as a pack of 4 (assorted colours)

  • Coloured Skipping Ropes

    Plaited skipping ropes in a variety of colours.

  • Coloured Skipping Ropes

    • A quality skipping rope• 8mm diameter x 2 metres long

  • Double Dutch Skipping Ropes

    Heavy duty polypropylene rope with high quality polypropylene handles. Two ropes of contrasting colours which then means you can combine one of each colour to make learning easier.• Available in 2 lengths: 4.87m and 9m• Pack of two

  • Skipping Ropes

    Cotton rope tagged with black rubber sleeves at each end.• Diameter: 10mm• Available in 7 lengths• Available singly or as a pack of 10

  • Jumbo Skipping Rope

    Heavy duty, woven rainbow rope with soft handles.

  • Playground Mega Kit

    …x Reaction Balls• 4 x Pom Poms• 6 x Catch a Cup cones with soft airflow ball• 6 x Ankle Skips• 6 x Large Scoopers with 6 airflow balls • 6 x Vinyl Mini Balls• 10 x Playbats• 10 x Large Handle Skipping Rope• 10 x Number Bean Bags• 12 x Coloured Tennis Balls• 12 x Marble Playballs (200mm)• 40 x…

  • First-Play Playtime Activity Tub

    …1 x 70mm flexi ball• 2 x padder bats• 6 x marking hands• 1 x foam netball• 3 x rainbow wands• 6 x skipping ropes• 3 x ankle skips• 4 x Eurohoc sticks• 4 x 100mm soft touch balls• 2 x pom pom balls• 1 x inflator• 2 x paddle hoops•…

  • Wooden Handles Skipping Rope

    Cotton rope with wooden handles. • Length: 2.35m • Sold singly

  • Jumbo Playground Kit

    …Bats with 6 x balls and 9 shuttlecocks • 6 x Soft Footballs• 10 x Playbats• 6 x Marshmallow Balls• 4 x Padder Bats• 6 x Bump Balls• 3 x Ribbon Balls• 2 x Jump Balls• 6 x Bumpy Steps• 12 x Coloured Tennis Balls • 12 x Coloured Bean Bags• 2 x Happy Hoppers• 10 x Coloured Skipping Ropes•1 x Mesh Bag

  • Playground Pack Supreme

    …Contents may vary.• 6 x Catch a Cups• 6 x Ankle Skips• 3 x Swinging Loops• 10 x Playbats• 3 x Koosh Balls• 1 x Hydrocatch• 1 x Ball Launcher and ball• 2 x Springy Ball Games • 8 x Foam Frisbees• 10 x Coloured Tennis Balls• 10 x Skipping Ropes, • 2 x Pairs of Stilts• 6 x Vinyl Mini Balls • 2 x…

  • First-Play® Playtime Games Kit

    …kit contains enough equipment for the whole class to enjoy.Contains:• 2 x catchtail balls• 4 x scoop racket sets• 12 x skipping ropes• 1 x boules set• 1 x skittles set• 3 x tennis racket sets• 4 x frisbees• 1 x foam ring toss• 1 x horse shoe toss•…

  • Climb the Mountain Assault Course

    …assault course will allow children to keep active in a variety of different ways, but have fun whilst doing it! Jump over the hot rocks with skipping ropes, cross the river with the sequencing spot stepping stones, dodge the boulders by jumping over the hurdles, balance along the rocky ledge balance…

  • Skip2bfit 'Digi-Rope' Skipping Ropes

    The 'Digi Rope' is a strong and durable skipping rope with a counter handle which measures how many skips have been completed. • Colours may vary • Length: 3m (adjustable)• Sold singly or as a pack of 3

  • Multi-Skills Activity Kit

    …value 52-piece play kit that is ideal for PE classes.Contains:• 1 x fast track cricket set-mixed• 4 x mini padder bats• 12 x skipping ropes • 2 x slingcatch• 2 x softy football • 1 x softy rugby ball • 4 x catch pads • 2 x instastik balls• 2 x catch…

  • Hula Hoop Dribbling

    …is to focus on dribbling the basketball, keeping it inside the hoop as the puller pulls the hoop along the ground - then swap the roles.Contains:• 12 x 600mm hoops• 12 x plastic skipping ropes• 12 x size 5 basketballs• Available with red, blue or green hoops and skipping ropes

  • First-Play® Multi-Coloured Play Kit

    …for developing a variety of skills.Contains:• 8 x markers• 6 x ankle skips• 6 x rainbow dice• 1 x Reactaball®• 1 x 8" bump ball• 4 x mini racket• 8 x 2.2m skipping ropes• 1 x beanbag frisbee • 6 x rainbow wands• 2 x rainbow dance rings•…

  • Kit for Purpose Playground Activities Pack

    A terrific value pack allowing students to participate in multiple playground games. Contains:• 1 x foam ring• 4 x skipping ropes 213cm• 2 x playground footballs - size 3• 2 x playground footballs - size 4• 8 x flying discs

  • First-Play® Multi-Activity Kit

    …4 x mini rackets• 4 x bean bags• 4 x 100mm soft-touch balls• 4 x frog bean bags• 4 x turtle bean bags• 4 x plastic padder bats• 4 x 70mm PVC coated foam balls• 4 x junior hockey sticks• 4 x 2.2m skipping ropes• 20 x spacemarkers• 1 x storage holdall

  • First-Play 263 Piece Games Activity Kit

    …bean bags• 4 x quoits• 12 x gameflow balls• 2 x non-sting basketballs• 10 x marking hands• 6 x risbees• 12 x skipping ropes• 4 x 100mm play balls• 2 x non-sting netballs• 10 x marking feet• 50 x marker discs• 1 x rugby ball• 4 x 160mm play…

  • Gym Ball Storage Trolley

    A durable trolley for storing gym balls and other equipment. The corner bars can hold stretch bands, skipping ropes and resistance items.

  • Lonsdale Club Boxing Pack

    Everything you need to get a boxing class up and running!Contains:• 10 x club curved hook and jab pads• 10 x club bag mitts• 10 x skipping ropes• 1 x holdall• Styles may vary

  • Central Boxing Deal

    A great value boxing pack, with all the equipment you need to teach 20 pupils.Kit contains:• 10 x Central curved focus pads• 10 x Central bag mitts• 10 x Central skipping ropes• 1 x Carry holdall

  • Kit for Purpose Sports Day Ideas Pack

    …to make Sports Day fun and engaging.Contains:• 50 x marker saucers • 3 x pairs of three legged race straps• 10 x blue beanbags• 6 x plastic batons • 1 x Aeroball • 6 x egg 'n' spoons • 1 x stopwatch• 1 x pair of Dunlop wellies • 6 x plastic skipping ropes

  • First Play Multi-Coloured Team Kits

    …balls• 8 x gameflow balls• 24 x markers• 4 x 500mm hoops• 4 x 200mm soft touch balls• 4 x 160mm soft touch balls• 4 x Eurohoc sticks• 8 x bean bag• 8 x 2.2m skipping ropes• 8 x plastic table tennis bats• 4 x plastic padder bats• 4 x quoits

  • First-Play® Multi-Coloured Team Kit

    …balls• 8 x gameflow balls• 24 x markers• 4 x 500mm flat hoops• 4 x 200mm soft touch balls• 4 x 160mm soft touch balls• 4 x Eurohoc sticks• 8 x beanbags• 8 x skipping ropes• 8 x plastic table tennis bats• 4 x plastic padder bats• 4 x quoits

  • Team Colours PE Packs

    This pack is great for any team based activity. Contains:• 1 x jump sack• 12 x plastic skipping ropes• 6 x 450mm hoops• 6 x Junior plastic playbats• 12 x 90mm coated foam balls• 6 x plastic table tennis bats• 12 x 64mm gamester balls• 6 x rubber quoits•…

  • Primary Activity Pack

    …4 x centraplay rackets• 30 x flexi markers• 4 x bean bags • 4 x fun rings • 4 x 36cm flat hoops• 2 x maxiplay balls • 1 x foam dice • 4 x 63mm perforated balls • 10 x 2.13m plastic skipping ropes • 2 x plastic table tennis bats• 1 x vinyl holdall

  • Consortium Gym kit

    …balls• 6 x 150mm Easygrip balls• 4 x Cloth covered balloon balls• 6 x Soft foam dice• 40 x Traditional beanbags (mixed colours)• 30 x Plastic skipping ropes (mixed colours) • 4 x 450mm Standard hoops (mixed colours) • 4 x 600mm Standard hoops (mixed colours)• 4 x 750mm Standard hoops (mixed colours)…

  • Early Years Physical Development Kit

    …x Catching Scarves•6 x Dancing Rings•6 x Holding Streamers•1 x 3.5m Parachute•4 x 3 in 1 Targets•5 x Cotton skipping Ropes Plain•1 x Jumbo Chalk•60 x Skimming Stars•36 x Pyramid Bean Bags•5 x Fruit character Bean Bags•6 x Bean Bag Scarves•4…

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