• Slate Chalk Board

    Made from natural slate with a wooden frame these chalk boards can be used as an alternative "historical" implement to encourage children to write and draw.• Double sided; blank on one side and marked out in 10mm squares on the reverse• Size: 180mm x 260mm• Available singly or as a…

  • SICO® 12 Seater Rectangular Table Seating Unit

    **Please note that 'Blue Silk' has replaced 'Cloud Nebula'**• Table size: 750mm(w) x 3051mm(l)• Closed size: 1511mm(w) x 740mm(d) x 1862mm(h)• Stool to stool width: 1511mm

  • Hille SE Stools

    The SE Stool uses the same ergonomic seat from the SE chair which in turn matches in with the SE chairs to offer a co-ordinated environment. There is a handy loop at the rear of the stool to make moving them around easier. The stool has a stable skidbase design meaning that there are no wearable…

  • Postura+ Chairs

    The Postura Plus Chair has been ergonomically designed to promote good posture and provide exceptional comfort. Helping with longer periods of concentration, this one piece polypropylene design is a comfortable chair option. The one piece, solid injection moulded polypropylene chair has hollow legs…

  • SICO® 16 Seater Rectangular Table Seating Unit

    **Please note that 'Blue Silk' has replaced 'Cloud Nebula'**• Table size: 750mm(w) x 3051mm(l)• Closed size: 1321mm(w) x 645mm(d) x 1873mm(h)• Stool to stool width: 1321mm

  • SICO® 8 Seater Rectangular Table Seating Unit

    **Please note that 'Blue Silk' has replaced 'Cloud Nebula'**• Table size: 750mm(w) x 2431mm(l)• Closed size: 1511mm(w) x 750mm(d) x 1507mm(h)• Stool to stool width: 1511mm

  • Hille High Back SE Stools

    The high back SE stools offer excellent back support and comfort. The stool also has a stable skid base design, meaning that there are no wearable feet.• Stackable up to 8 height• Supplied with grey frame as standard• Available in 4 heights

  • Hille SE Chair

    Hille SE ChairThe Hille SE chair exceeds EN1729 standards and as well as looking stylish, it also provides an affordable option for the modern classroom. With a particular focus on sleek lines, the chair is available in a number of colours, including a two-tone colour option for a more contemporary…

  • Hille SE Skid Base Chair

    The SE skid base chair has all the benefits of the SE chair but with a unique front configuration which dispels the normal hazard of being able to tip forwards easily on a traditional skid base product - with the SE skid base chair it is virtually impossible to tilt the chair forwards.• 10 year…

  • Coloured Air Hardening Clay

    This air hardening clay comes in five vibrant colours and is ideal to make colourful models without the need to paint. • Colours: Green, Blue, Red, Slate and Marigold• 12.5kg - 5 x 2.5kg

  • Greenspeed Techno Floor Cleaner

    An ecological pH neutral floor cleaner for use on light to medium stains. Suitable for PVC, lino, stone, slate and ceramic floors.• Leaves no residues• Can be applied using a cloth or mop• Do not use on unprotected wood that is sensitive to water• 5 litres

  • R15/30 Duo Scrubber & Polisher

    One machine to scrub, strip, clean and polish uneven, ceramic, slate or tiled floors.• Motor: 1125/1500 watts• Speed: 150/300 rpm• Pad: 430mm (17")• The drive board will fit standard cleaning/polishing pads to do a variety of tasks• Ergonomic handle with simple…

  • Materials Kit

    …student with appearance, feel, texture, hardness and density of a range of common substances. Contains:• Softwood and hardwood blocks• Lead, slate and marble blocks• Aluminium, iron and brass blocks• Foam polystyrene, paraffin wax, perspex and glass blocks• Set of 17 blocks

  • Postura Plus Classpack

    …and 16 classroom tables in either a beech or grey top both with a spray pu grey edge.• Chair colour choices: ink blue, poppy red, forest green, slate grey, grape crush, ash grey and sun yellow• 4 sizes available• Chairs are supplied with a 10 year and tables with a 5 year guarantee

  • Rocks Set

    …set of rock samples is ideal for learning about different rock types and their features. Contains: • Oolitic limestone• Chalk• Marble• Gneiss• Andesite• Basalt• Pumice• Coal• Sandstone• Slate• Granite• Garnet gneiss• Gratnells tray

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