Soap Refills

  • Cutan® Proline Dispenser Cartridge Refills

    …fragranced mild foam soap for general washroom use with a skin friendly pH value.Cutan® Mild Antimicrobial Soap: Kills 99.999% of bacteria in 30 seconds making it perfect for areas where good hygiene is essential.For use with Deb ProLine Dispenser (item code: 820120) or Mr Soapy Soap Dispenser (item…

  • Soft Care Soap Refills

    Liquid soap refills are suitable for the Soft Care Liquid Soap Dispenser: item 042300.Foam soap refill is suitable for the Soft Care Foam Soap Dispenser: item 026980.• Bac (H41): an unperfumed bactericidal soap for use in food preparation areas (6 x 800ml)• Mild (H2): a mild hand washing…

  • Consortium Soap Dispenser

    Refillable dispenser made from tough smooth plastic. The clever ‘arm-lever-free’ design minimises dirt traps and makes the dispenser much more durable.• Refill with liquid soaps (item codes: 026186, 026187, 047553, 047554 and 018947)• 900ml refillable reservoir• 450 dispenses from…

  • TORK® Elevation S1 Premium Hand Soaps

    …Liquid Soap Dispenser: Suitable for all kinds of washrooms - even in tough and demanding environments. The dispenser is reliable and drip free.• To be used with TORK® Extra Hygiene Liquid Soap (item code:114809) and TORK® Mild Liquid Soap (item code: 114810)• 1,000 shots per refill: high…

  • Deb ProLine Soap Dispenser

    The Deb ProLine dispenser offers design innovation and state-of-the-art dispensing technology.• Compatible with cartridge refills (item codes: 028279, 800247 and 800248)• Durable plastic body for hard-wearing washroom environments• Lifetime guarantee• Lockable• Size:…

  • Bug Blasters Soap Dispensers

    • Liquid soap dispenser: (item 820013): Liquid soap refills (item codes: 042308 or 042302)• Foam soap dispenser: (item 880001): Foam refill (item code: 880002)• Keyless locking mechanism• Size: 108mm(w) x 250mm(d) x 158mm(h)

  • Soft Care Soap Dispensers

    Liquid soap dispenser refills: items 042308 and 042302. Foam soap dispenser refills: item: 880002.• ABS plastic, push button system• Adhesive or screw-fix• Keyless locking mechanism• Dispenser size: 250mm(h) x 158mm(w) x 108mm(d)

  • Mr Soapy Soap Dispenser

    Brightly coloured, fun to use dispenser.• Compatible with cartridge refills (item codes: 028279, 800247 and 800248)• Encourages regular use, to promote good hand hygiene practice• Large push buttons• Lockable• Size: 130mm(w) x 105mm(d) x 230mm(h)

  • Budget Essentials Anti-Bacterial Handwash

    Super value for money, anti-bacterial handwash with glycerine to leave hands sanitised and soft. • Choice of two fragrances• Alcohol free• Available in 12 x 400ml (6 with pump and 6 refills) or 5 litres• Conforms to BS EN 1276 • Contact time of 30 seconds

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