Soft Tissues

  • Consortium Extra Soft 2 Ply Facial Tissues

    Superb value, white 2 ply facial tissues.• Sheet size: 210mm x 195mm• 100 tissues per box• Available in 3 pack sizes

  • Instant Cold Packs

    Ideal for treating soft tissue injuries on children to quickly relieve pain and swelling.• Single use disposable pack• Simple squeeze or twist activation• Remains cold for up to 20 minutes at room temperature• Size: 123mm(w) x 148mm(l)• Sold singly or as a pack of 60

  • Simply Art Masking Fluid

    …at a later stage. Forming a fast-drying, water-resistant film on watercolour paper or board, it is easily removed when dry by rubbing with an eraser, soft tissue or cotton bud. Apply with an old brush, pen or cotton bud, as it is extremely stubborn to remove from brushes when dry.• 75ml

  • TORK® T6 Compact Toilet Paper Refills 2 Ply

    TORK® Premium: Super soft premium quality with a leaf emboss pattern. With superior faster absorption than other tissues, giving extra comfort in use.TORK® Advanced: A good quality tissue with leaf emboss pattern with good absorption, brightness and strength.Suitable for smaller washrooms…

  • Conti™ Washcloths

    A durable, soft, highly absorbent and macerator friendly wipe. The Conti™ Washcloth is an all over body wash cloth made from Air-laid tissue that is ideal for frequent washing and drying of sensitive skin.• High bulk and water absorption• High wet strength• Lathers well with…

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