Solar Calculators

  • Handheld 8 Digit Calculator

    • DH-60C model• Dual power (solar/battery) and rubber keys • Available in singles and packs of 30• Assorted colours

  • Texet DV8 Calculator

    Dual-powered desktop calculator with built-in biomaster antibacterial protection.• 8-digit display• Dual power (solar/battery)• Square root key• Percentage key• Biomaster antibacterial protection• Size: 102mm(w) x 24mm(d) x 148mm(h)• Sold singly

  • Eco Hybrid Handheld Wallet Calculator

    Handheld, dual-powered calculator with oversized keys.• 8-digit LCD display• Works with enhanced solar power • Mercury-free battery backup• RoHS compliant• Colours may vary• Sold singly

  • HP 300s+ Scientific Calculator

    …of algebraic, logarithmic, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions as well as their inverses. Calculate common probability functions including permutations, combinations and factorials. • Solar battery power plus battery backup• Slide on protective cover• 60.5mm x 24.3mm LCD display

  • Handheld 8 Digit Calculator

    Great value, dual-powered handheld calculator.• 8-digit display• Dual power (solar/battery)• Rubber keys • Colours may vary• Sold singly

  • Casio FX85GT-Plus Solar Scientific Calculator

    …Plus, the UK’s best selling solar scientific calculator has the perfect specification for GCSE studies. • Natural text book display• Recurring decimal display• Solar powered• Verify feature• Prime factorisation• Classpack of 30 calculators supplied with an Emulator

  • HP Easycalc 100

    This simple calculator is ideal for basic math and everyday calculations. Add, subtract, multiply, and divide, with big comfortable buttons.• Percent, square root and memory functions for tougher calculations • Large 12-digit display• Solar power, battery backup, and automatic power…

  • Texet Educ-8D Calculator

    • 8 Digit solar powered calculator• Attractive casing• Large, easy to use keys• Fantastic value• Battery required L1131 (included)• Size: 125mm x 70mm• Antibacterial protection• Eco friendly, made from 50% recycled material• FREE emulator with every…

  • Casio FX85GT-Plus Solar Scientific Calculator

    The FX85GT Plus, the UK’s best selling solar scientific calculator has the perfect specification for KS4 and GCSE studies and has the following new functions:• Natural text book display, recurring decimal display, verify feature, prime factorisation• Includes 1 x LR44 back-up battery•…

  • Casio FX85GT-Plus Solar Scientific Calculator

    …design and several new mathematical functions but still retains the features, functionality and layout of the former FX85ES, the UK's best selling solar scientific calculator.The new model retains all features of its predecessor and, in addition, has the following new functions:• Natural text…

  • Solar Power Educational Kit

    Learn the basics of solar panel electronics with this kit that can be assembled in parallel or series to make many different output panels to power electronics such as a calculator or radio.Contains:• 8 x solar modules• Low-inertia motor• Impeller• Connecting lead and copper…

  • Pretend & Play® Calculator Cash Register

    Encourage ICT skills and understanding through role play - a fun way to learn about money. Solar powered calculator with big digit display. Easy to press buttons. Large cash drawer full of life-size play money. Selection of play money and pretend and play credit card included. Age: 3 years+.•…

  • HP 10s+ Scientific Calculator

    …deviation, variance and more editable lists. Calculate common probability functions like permutations, combinations and factorials. Perform decimal and hexadecimal (degree/hour, minutes, seconds) conversations. Convert from decimals to fractions.• Solar powered plus battery• Durable…

  • Texas Little Professor Calculator

    …to perform mental calculations in a fun way. Little Professor doesn’t perform the calculations for you, but suggests problems and asks questions, based on four basic operations and five levels of difficulty. • Includes over 50,000 pre-programmed tasks• Robust housing• Solar powered

  • Texet Albert 2 Scientific Calculator

    Dual-powered scientific calculator with auto power off and protective cover.• 10 + 2 digit display• Dual power (solar/battery)• Full function memory• Auto power off• Antibacterial protection• Colours may vary• Size: 82mm(w) x 10mm(d) x 146mm(h)• Sold singly

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