Solar Energy Kit

  • Educational Solar Kit Model

    Educational solar kit to introduce solar power. A kit comprising 400 mA solar module, low-inertial DC motor, connecting lead, fan impeller and selection of turntable discs. Supplied complete with booklet explaining the principles and applications of solar energy, this kit is an ideal educational…

  • K'NEX® Renewable Energy Kit

    …wind, solar and water powered machines. Students generate electricity to operate models as they experiment with renewable energy systems. Builds nine models, one at a time. Lesson plans cover Renewable Energy, solar, wind and hydro power. Radiant, mechanical, electric, potential and kinetic Energy.

  • Renewable Energy Class Kit

    …STEM kit for 30 pupils working in groups of 6 to use solar renewable energy to power motors, LEDs and buzzers. They will use these in designing their own working models, e.g. fairground rides, pedestal fans, sun alarms, spinners and fan boats.• Pack contains: 5 x Solar Power Educational Kits,

  • Renewable Energy Kit

    …tactile illustration of solar, wind and water power to help develop pupils' understanding of renewable and sustainable energy generation. For use both indoors and outdoors.Contains:• Power generators (water, wind and solar)• Interchangeable monitors (gears, buzzer, energy and lights)•…

  • Science Trolley - Earth & Beyond

    solar energy, weather patterns and the water cycle as well as natural disasters.Contains:• Earth, Sun and Moon Kit• Project Planetarium Set• Solar Experiment System - Small• Microslide Lesson Set - Introduction to Space• Microslide Viewer• Earth Science Kit•

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