Solar Power Kit

  • Solar Power Educational Kit

    Learn the basics of solar panel electronics with this kit that can be assembled in parallel or series to make many different output panels to power electronics such as a calculator or radio.Contains:• 8 x solar modules• Low-inertia motor• Impeller• Connecting lead and copper…

  • Eco Solar Mini Electricity Kit

    Explore the world of solar energy with this fantastic kit. Understand and build your own solar powered circuits, and learn about converting light energy into electrical energy.Contains:• 1 x solar cell unit• 1 x digital multimeter• 1 x white LED• 1 x buzzer• 1 x motor• 2 x crocodile adapter clips• 8…

  • Renewable Energy Class Kit

    …STEM kit for 30 pupils working in groups of 6 to use solar renewable energy to power motors, LEDs and buzzers. They will use these in designing their own working models, e.g. fairground rides, pedestal fans, sun alarms, spinners and fan boats.• Pack contains: 5 x Solar Power Educational Kits,

  • K'NEX® Renewable Energy Kit

    …the power and efficiency that can be realised from wind, solar and water powered machines. Students generate electricity to operate models as they experiment with renewable energy systems. Builds nine models, one at a time. Lesson plans cover Renewable Energy, solar, wind and hydro power. Radiant,…

  • Renewable Energy Kit

    An exciting and tactile illustration of solar, wind and water power to help develop pupils' understanding of renewable and sustainable energy generation. For use both indoors and outdoors.Contains:• Power generators (water, wind and solar)• Interchangeable monitors (gears, buzzer, energy…

  • TTS Basic Calculators 36pk

    Kit your whole class out with this bulk value set of calculators.• 36 good quality calculators• Solar and battery powered (batteries included)• Shaped to be easy to hold

  • TTS Basic Calculators 36pk

    Kit your whole class out with this bulk value set of calculators.•36 good quality calculators•Solar and battery powered (batteries included)•Shaped to be easy to hold

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