• All About Me Mirror Boards

    …wipe clean side and a mirror on the reverse. Children can study their reflection on one side before flipping the board over to draw their facial features. Perfect for promoting self awareness, observation skills and speech and language development. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 4• Size: 120mm(dia.)

  • Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives Cards

    A huge set containing 275 photographic learning cards! Themed sets of Photographic Learning Cards are a great classroom value for speech and language, special education, English as a Second Language. Set includes Everyday Objects, Food, Things at School, Actions and Opposites.• Set of 275…

  • Jumbo Dinosaurs- Mommas and Babies

    …plastic Jumbo Dinosaurs. Set of toy dinosaurs includes both parent and child models. Dinosaurs are ideally sized for little hands and will develop speech and language skills through role play. Ideal for solo or group play.• Features six dinosaurs• Largest model measures 255mm(h), Smallest model…

  • Display Speech Balloons

    This pack of printed card die cuts in speech balloon shapes is ideal for thought walls and displays.• Size: 160mm(w) approx• 6 designs• Pack of 36

  • Sentence Flip Stand

    …about the structure of sentences. The book is double-sided with different themes and sentence structure on each side. To aid learning, parts of speech are colour coded into pronouns, nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions and articles. The nouns are illustrated and some silly sentences…

  • Parts of Speech Bulletin Board Set

    …language-themed bulletin board set.Includes: • A full-colour chart with the 9 parts of speech (410mm x 590mm)• 9 vignettes containing the definition, examples and an example sentence for each one of the nine parts of speech• 16 blank cards with writing lines• A resource guide

  • Communication Fix

    Activities for expressive and receptive language. This programme is intended to be used as a focused, time-limited intervention with an adult working with a child. Split into six sections, sentence construction, vocabulary, questions, prepositions, instructions and sequencing.• Pack of…

  • Shaped Sticky Notes

    Fun designs for ensuring your messages stand out.• Pad of 4 colours: pink, yellow, green and orange• Choice of 3 designs: arrow, apple and speech bubble• 200 sheets per pad

  • Sentence Dice

    Sentence Dice are a collection of six soft dice for building sentences. Covers different parts of speech (such as nouns, verbs, prepositions) for building sentences. Photographic images used to support learning.• Size: 1710mm x 450mm x 1710mm• Pack of 6

  • Sentence Toolbox

    The Sentence Toolbox is a handy tool for building sentences. It contains 48 Tri-blocks covering parts of speech (nouns, verb, prepositions etc.) as well as 12 sentence building cards. Ages 4+

  • French Sentence Builder

    …been designed to enable pupils to identify parts of speech and to create simple sentences in French. The poster and cards are colour-coded to aid the identification process. Use the poster to sort the cards into the relevant parts of speech; the sentence frame at the bottom of the poster can then…

  • Soundplus ST80 Portable Wireless PA System

    Practical solution for speech enhancement from crystal clear 80-Watt amplifier plus benefit of digital echo effect and voice priority which overrides external music sound through the Aux Input. • Mains and battery powered• AUX input for external audio• Includes handheld or tie-clip…

  • Collins Primary Illustrated Dictionary

    …designed for children aged 8 and over, Collins Primary Illustrated Dictionary contains full sentence definitions, example sentences, parts of speech (noun, verb, etc) as well as synonyms, word histories, cross-references and pronunciation. Collins Word Wizard gives extra grammar, writing and…

  • 44 Sounds Wall Chart

    This giant poster can be clearly seen from anywhere in the classroom! Speech sounds are presented with visual analogies to reinforce the corresponding graphemes (spelling choices). Contains two main sections, consonants and vowels, covering all 44 sounds of spoken English. • 1 x A0 poster…

  • Jolly Grammar Big Books

    …for the activities and an introduction explaining how to use the big book.Contents include:• The alphabet• Proper nouns• Common nouns• Plurals• Short vowel sounds• Pronouns• Verbs• Adjectives• Compound words• Adverbs• Speech marks• Parsing

  • Punctuation

    …Match the punctuation to examples used in a sentence and its description. Punctuation covered: rackets, Capital Letters, Colons, Commas, Dashes, Ellipsis, Exclamation Marks, Full Stops, Hyphens, Question Marks, Semicolons, Speech Marks.• 12 x three piece puzzles• Size: 270mm x 210mm x 30mm

  • The Battle of Britain Poster

    …in British History. It has information on the planes used by both the RAF and German Luftwaffe, ground support, radar technology and the defining moments of the battle leading to Winston Churchill’s infamous “We shall fight them on the beaches,…” speech in August 1940.• Size: A1 - 594mm x 841mm

  • Big Box of Sentence Building

    …four blank puzzle pieces that can be used with write-on/wipe-off crayons or dry erase markers. The pieces are also colour-coded by the part of speech it represents. Contains:• 250 Puzzle pieces• Four page booklet with directions• Teaching suggestions• Games• Size: 50mm…

  • Sentence Scramblers

    Scramble together Sentence Starters, Parts of Speech and Punctuation to form wacky and creative sentences! Spin the spinner and turn over the same coloured word tile that the arrow points to. Mastermind longer sentences using adverbs, adjectives and connectives to collect the most pieces and win the…

  • LFL Oral Development Box 2

    …Includes ‘Story Starter, ‘Tongue Twister’, ‘Debate’, ‘Question Word’, ‘Talk’, ‘Photo’ and ‘Three Word’ card sets to encourage clear, fluent speech and more descriptive language. The cards and activities can be used either as a stimulus for a whole lesson or as short activities built in throughout…

  • Cambridge P5000 Microphone

    Robust, heavy bodied microphone which will work well with all recorders. Suitable for close working for speech, singing, recording or PA.• 5m lead with XLR connection• 6.3mm jack plug with 3.5mm adaptor• Sold singly

  • Grammar and Sentences Directory

    This product provides explanation and examples of parts of speech, punctuation, types of sentences, sentence features and structures. Each of the 18 x A5 tabbed pages can be accessed quickly during teaching and writing practice. Perfect for KS2 S.P.A.G. teaching and revision, plus EAL to enable…

  • 6 Language Development Board Games

    These 6 board games will help children expand their vocabulary and become confident with different parts of speech. Each board game covers a different area: nouns, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, adverbs, verbs, tenses and sentence building. The bright illustrations will keep pupils…

  • Sentence Buildings

    Reach inside a building to select a word for endless sentence building fun! Stroll down to ‘Noun Tower’, ‘Verb Exchange’ and ‘Punctuation Point’ for a fun take on sentence construction. Nine durable parts-of-speech buildings contain over 300 double-sided, colour-coded word cards. Parts-of-speech…

  • Talking Tiles

    Record and playback high quality speech, music or sound effects. Includes a removable clear cover that allows you to create pictures, symbols, numbers or letters to match your recordings. The large size and robust housing is ideal for children with visual or motor skill impairments. Talking tiles…

  • Suffixes and Spelling Rules Flash Cards

    …are cleverly colour-coded on one side for quick reference and all cards are indexed by number. Flash cards are also colour-coded by parts of speech, so pupils can understand how adding suffixes changes word usage/meaning as well as spelling when used in a sentence.• Contains 233 Word Flash…

  • Spintelligence Punctuation

    …correctly• Using expanded noun phrases to describe and specifyYear 3 themes include: • Using inverted commas to punctuate direct speech• Using the possessive apostrophe with plural nounsYear 4 themes include: • Understanding the grammatical difference between the plural and…

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