Stained Glass

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  • Stained Glass Baubles

    Wonderful Stained glass effects can be created with these bauble shapes. Let them light up your windows and have dashes of glowing colours around your rooms and corridors and make them look extra special. Simple but very effective!• Size: 210mm x 180mm• Pack of 30

  • Stained Glass Christmas Shapes

    A fantastic craft project that children will love – create their own stained glass window. Stick them on a window and see the transformation as the light shines through and makes them glow.• Assorted designs• Size: 240mm x 155mm approx.• Pack of 30

  • Stained Glass Trees

    Everything that you need to create these stained glass trees. Stick them on a window for fantastic displays and see the transformation as the light shines through them and makes them glow.• Size: 160mm x 230mm approx. • Pack of 32

  • Stained Glass Snowmen

    Brighten up your festive window displays with these super stained glass effect snowmen shapes. Draw faces on and show them full of fun.• Size: 285mm x 240mm• 15 each of 2 designs to choose from• Pack of 30

  • Stained Glass Stars

    Everything that you need to create these amazing stained glass stars. Stick them on a window and see the transformation as the light shines through and makes them glow. 4 designs to choose from.• Size: 200mm x 200mm approx.• Pack of 32

  • Stained Glass Festival Lights

    Make your windows glow and celebrate the importance of light in the many religious festivals and holidays when you make and display these wonderful silhouette shapes.• Contains: 8 each of 4 designs and 15 sheets of A4 vellum• Ideas and instructions included• Size: 240mm to 300mm…

  • Stained Glass Bugs

    Make these fabulous stained glass effect bugs and create amazing window displays that glow showing luminous colours when the light shines through them.• 5 each of 7 designs• Includes pre-cut shapes, coloured vellum paper, chenilles and an instructions and ideas leaflet• Size: 220mm x…

  • Stained Glass Leaves

    Make your different seasons come to life with these fantastic stained glass leaves. Stick onto a window, door, use on a light panel or stand in front of battery tea lights to make their stained glass effect really glow.• Set includes 30 card leaf cutouts and 15 assorted A4 vellum sheets•…

  • Stained Glass Cones

    Simple to make but very effective, these stained glass cone trees will glow and shine on a window sill or a shelf. Fantastic festive activity for mixed ability groups and snapshot sessions.• Contains: Pre-cut cone shapes, glitter stars and circles• Size: 150mm x 90mm (approx.)• Pack…

  • Battery Tealights

    Flickering candle lights ideal for various craft activities including stained glass activities.• Battery supplied lasts for 40-60 hours• Size: 38mm(h) x 38mm(dia.) - fits in a standard tea light holder• Pack of 12

  • Chromacryl Student Acrylic Paint

    …painted onto different surfaces including paper, board, canvas, textiles, wood, metal, plastics, glass, celluloid, foil, clay etc. Chromacryl contains pigments that can stain fabric. To clean the stained area, use household soap and cold water and the hard acrylic element will wash out easily.•…

  • Tissue Paper - Seasonal Colours

    Quality tissue paper in two beautiful colours ranges. Use this tissue paper to create exciting art and craft projects, such as mosaics, flowers, stained glass, collages, etc.• Warm Colours: Canary Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Dark Yellow, Golden Red, Orange, Red, Chinese Red, Scarlet Red, Dark Red…

  • Spectra® Art Tissue™ Paper Assortment

    Large pack size for great value! The vibrant colours of this tissue paper motivate artists of all ages and is ideal for craft projects, stained glass, collages and more.• Cool and warm colours: french blue, national blue, azure blue, teal, purple, plum, emerald green, spring green, mint green,…

  • 6 in 1 Dishwasher Tablets

    …amount of detergent each wash. The unique ingredients penetrate deep into stubborn dried on, baked food leaving crockery and cutlery spotlessly clean.• 6 in 1 action; detergent, built-in rinse-aid, water softener, glass protection, stain remover and stainless steel protection• 100 tablets

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