Sticky Note Cube

  • Consortium Brilliant Sticky Notes Cube

    Bright sticky notes ideal for helping messages stand out.• Pad of 4 bright colours; pink, yellow, green and orange• 80 sheets per colour• Size: 75mm x 75mm• 320 sheets per cube

  • Sticky Note Cubes

    Choice of brilliantly coloured sticky note cubes.• Yellow mix contains: yellow, blue, pink and white• Green mix contains: green, white, violet and blue• Orange mix contains: orange, white and blue• Size: 75mm x 75mm• 450 sheets per cube

  • Post-it® Pastel Cubes

    A whole stack of notes for the serious messenger, ideal when one pack never seems enough. Ideal for making notes or leaving messages or reminders.• Available in 2 colours• 450 sheets per cube• Size: 76mm x 76mm

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