Stockroom Assortment

  • Poster Paper Stockroom Assortment

    A handy stockroom assortment supplied in a handy storage box.• Assorted colours: Brown, Red, Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Black and Purple• Size: 760mm(w) x 10m(l) roll• Pack of 20 rolls

  • Bordette® Stockroom Assortment

    A great way to always keep your favourite corrugated border trim on hand.• Scalloped finish• Assorted colours: 6 each of flame red, canary yellow, emerald green, bright blue, rich blue and black • Size: 57mm(w) x 15m(l) roll• Pack of 36• Colours may vary

  • Fadeless® Standard Stockroom Assortment

    These film-wrapped rolls offer great value and an excellent range of different colours. They are a real time saver for busy teachers.• Colours: 6 each of white, flame red, canary, apple green, azure blue, 4 each of black, violet, rich blue, orange, 2 each of pink• Comes in a sturdy…

  • Fadeless Display Paper Combo Stockroom Assortment

    A handy display paper assortment of the most popular colours and designs.• Contains: 2 rolls each plain colour (flame red, canary yellow, apple green, royal blue, black and violet), 2 rolls each design (clouds, night sky, under the sea, tu-tone brick, tropical foliage and landscape) •…

  • Fadeless® Stockroom Assortment - Extra Wide

    Excellent extra wide, film-wrapped paper rolls for bulletin boards, backgrounds, murals or any art project where large sheets are needed.• Colours: 3 each of canary yellow, flame red, black, orange, pink, apple green, azure and violet• Supplied in a sturdy storage box• Size:…

  • Art Kraft® Bright Paper

    …the smooth side is ideal for colouring pens and finger paints, and the rough surface is suitable for watercolours, tempera and acrylics.• Assorted colours: flame red, orange, canary, emerald green, light blue, white, violet and black• Size: 1218mm(w) x 3.6m(l) roll• Pack of 24 rolls

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