Stone Age

  • Stone Age to Iron Age Artefacts

    …of genuine and replica artefacts from the Stone Age to the Iron Age provides the perfect basis for a study of prehistoric Britain. The collection also features images of cave paintings and a template to allow pupils to construct their own Iron Age roundhouse. Contains:• Large flint arrow…

  • Stone Age to Iron Age Pack

    …the primitive hunter gatherers of the Stone Age through Bronze Age to the battles of the clans and warrior kings of the Iron Age.Includes:• Teachers Notes• Worksheets• Fact sheets• 30 x Colour printed writing frames• Weaving class activity• Make a bronze age village class activity• Design a cave…

  • Stone Age Flint Pack

    Immerse your class in Stone Age Britain with this superb collection of flint replicas. A fantastic opportunity for artefact handling, encouraging discussion and open questioning. Only to be used under adult supervision.• Made from flint• Pack of 10Contains:• 1 x Small crystal quartz arrowhead…

  • Stone Age Archaeo-Box

    Imagine what life was really like in Stone Age Britain with this authentic collection of replicas. A fantastic tool for providing an artefact handling opportunity and a fun and engaging activity for the whole class. Encourage discussions about evidence, types of historical sources and much…

  • Stone Age to Battle of Hastings Timeline

    Put the ancient past into historical context with this Stone Age to Normans timeline. Ideal for classrooms to reinforce the chronology of historical events during this period.• Size: 3000mm(w) x 230mm(l) (supplied in 3 sections)

  • New Age Ramps

    Designed to provide assistance for those that may be unable or find it difficult to push the New Age Kurling stones or the New Age Bowling balls. This ramp can be held at incremental heights in accordance to the requirement of the participant. • Manufactured from fibreglass• For use with…

  • New Age Kurling Ramp

    …has been specially designed for indoor activities to provide assistance for those that may be unable or find it difficult to push the New Age Kurling stones. This ramp can be held at incremental heights in accordance to the requirement of the participant. • Manufactured from fibre glass•…

  • New Age Kurling Set

    …designed for indoor use enabling a traditional style of kurling. • Kurling pushers - sold separately as a pair (item code 012472)• House target mat (size 1010mm x 1010mm) - sold separately (item code 012474)Contains:• Kurling set - 4 red stones, 4 blue stones, set of rules and carry bag

  • New Age Kurling Combo Bundle

    …and disabled people, each player can use four stones each playing singles or if playing doubles, two Stones each. Ramps and additional parts sold separately. Includes: • 1 x New Age Kurling Indoor Set• 1 x New Age Kurling/Bowls House Target• 1 x New Age Kurling/Bowls Numbered Target

  • River Stones

    stones help to develop balance and co-ordination. The 6 river stones are inspired by these with each side of the triangle varying in steepness and difficulty. Each stone has a rubber rim on the base which prevents slipping. The stones are stackable. Age: 2 years+.Contains:• 3 x big stones:

  • Sensory Stones

    …four raised/bumpy tactile stones, circles, waves, dots and a grid and four indented stones, zigzag, lines, circles and a spiral. Introduce the stones to the children and encourage them to look at and to feel. Age: 3 years+.• Activity ideas included• Stone size: 75mm• Set of 8 stones

  • Sorting Stones

    Sorting Stones offer the opportunity to explore colour, shape and pattern. Each stone has a colourful bug character engraved on one side. Each set includes 20 stones, with five bug body shapes – circle, square, rectangle, triangle and hexagon, in four colours – red, blue, yellow and green. Age: 3…

  • Jelly Stones

    …as they absorb 200 times their volume in water. Jelly stones change from small hard pebbles into large squishy shapes in a matter of minutes. Dry them out and then use them over and over again. Age: 3 years+.• 15 grams each of Topaz, Sapphire and Ruby jelly stones• Ideas sheet included

  • Sensory Interlocking Stones

    stones are designed so that each pair interlocks in a different way – from concentric circles that can be continually twisted to shapes that can be interlocked in two, three and four positions. The set contains eight stones (four pairs). Age: 3 years+.• Stone size: 75mm• Set of 8 stones

  • Natural Sorting Stones

    These stones are a natural resource that children will find hugely appealing. They are smooth and tactile and have been created to inspire children's natural curiosity. An ideal resource for treasure baskets and sensory play activities and durable for use in sand, water or outdoors. Age: 2…

  • Stand it Stones

    stones. Simply slide the cards into the slot to create instant backdrops, displays and activities. Made from a durable stone and resin mix, these practical holders are tough enough to use throughout your learning environment: in sand, soil and water. Age: 3 years+.• Contains: Five stones•

  • Feels-Write Number Stones

    …children will enjoy tracing the shape of each numeral with their finger – over and over again – building important motor memory skills and their confidence. Made from a unique and durable mix. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 120mm-135mm• Set of 10 number stones 0-9• Made from a unique stone mix

  • Counting Ladybugs and Number Cards

    …suitable ladybug homes in the forest and log pile. Made from durable plastic the cards are tough enough for use in the outdoor area. Age: 3 years+.• Ladybug Stones set includes 2 each of 0-10 (22 ladybugs) and an activity leaflet• Ladybug Early Number Cards set includes 16 colourful cards• …

  • Feels-Write Letter Stones

    stone is carefully engraved to provide important sensory feedback to help young children develop the movements needed for writing each letter. Starting at the green dot children will enjoy tracing each letter shape with their finger over and over again building important motor memory skills. Age: 3…

  • Tactile Counting Stones

    stones are ideal for counting, number recognition, learning the different ways to represent numbers, subitising and number bonds, among other maths concepts. They are ideal for use alongside our 10-Frame Tray (037746). Age: 3 years+.• Set of 20 (2 sets of 1–10 stones)• Made from a stone

  • Feels-Write Pre-Writing Stones

    …as well as using the stones to make impressions and copies in play dough. Try taking a multi-sensory approach and add them to a tray filled with sand, rice, paint or shaving foam for children to copy. They may be used both indoors and outside – just wash them off afterwards. Age: 3 years+.• Set…

  • Honey Bee Number Stones & Activity Cards

    …bees’ backs and relating these to groups of objects, reinforcing the idea of number. They can also be used to explore number sequences, odd and even numbers, along with addition, subtraction and number bonds to 10, and beyond. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 20 (two each of 1–10 stones)• Size: 50mm

  • Fish Stepping Stones

    …functions. They are great stepping stones complete with a hard top surface to enable a child to take a good footing, whilst an inflated base yields to a child’s movements. Children have great fun as they adjust muscles and balance in order to stay on the fish. Age: 3 years+.• 2 x Large fish measure:…

  • BrainBox World History

    BrainBox World History highlights some of the greatest and most significant historical events from the Stone Age to the Renaissance to the International Space Station.• For 1 or more players• Contains 72 cards, timer and die

  • British History Timeline

    An overview of the major events in British history from the Stone Age to the current day, this timeline features images and photographs to help your pupils understand the chronology behind the study of history. Events such as the Roman invasion, the signing of the Magna Carta and the Dissolution of…

  • Multi-Seater Blocks and Rocks

    …social development. The visual teaching aids can spark discussions on nature, the seaside, raw materials or ancient times including the Stone Age and Egyptians. Age: 3 years+• For indoor and outdoor use• Block size: 400mm(w) x 1000mm(d) x 200mm(h)• Stool size: 370mm(w) x 340mm(d) x…

  • Sensory Shapes

    …shape through exploratory play and mark making. The ridged and smooth surfaces of the shapes offer children a rich sensory experience and their vocabulary of shapes. The set has two different thicknesses for each of the six shapes. Age: 3 years+.• Stone size: 50mm-80mm• Set of 12 stones

  • Let's Investigate - Footprints Offer

    …find them. Each double-sided stone has the raised footprint of an animal on one side and an image of the animal indented into the other side. Press the footprint into sand, mud or soil and create a trail for children to follow. Age 2 years+.• Made from a unique stone mix• For indoor and outdoor use•…

  • Assorted Metal Scoops

    A set of nesting scoops that can be incorporated into lots of different learning opportunities. A lovely addition to messy play activities, children will enjoy scooping counters, stones, sand, etc. Age: 10 months+.• Made from metal• Pack of 4

  • Prehistoric Pottery Pack

    Carefully researched and features pots that are representative of the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages. Handling artefacts is a valuable teaching and learning tool that will help engage pupils and encourage questioning.• Made from clay• Pack of 3

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