Student Clocks

  • 12 Hour Demonstration Clock

    Demonstrate time-telling concepts while students follow along on their Student Clocks (043444), sold separately. Features colour-coding that helps students focus on time making it easier to differentiate between hours and minutes. Features built-in stands, and activity guide. Measures. Age: 3…

  • Teacher & Student Card Clocks

    …shows ’12 and 24 hour time’. Can be used to demonstrate setting the time on the clock face and writing the time underneath.• Teacher card size: 320mm x 390mm x 10mm• Student card size: 150mm x 200mm x 100mm• Teacher Clock Card sold singly• Student Clock Card sold as pack of 10

  • Classroom Clock

    …To' clock enables pupils to tell the time in 'minutes past' and 'minutes to' the hour, with a silent sweeping second hand showing that the time is constant and not stop start. The '12hr/24hr' design helps children to learn to read the analogue clock in terms of 12 and 24 hours. Teach your students

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