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  • Bronx Fastball Soft Bases - Full Set

    Stuffed bases for outdoor use and includes ground spikes to secure to ground. Pitchers and Home plate are rubber throw down pieces.• Set of 3 stuffed bases, 1 home plate and 1 pitchers plate• Suitable for outdoor use only

  • Phonics Readers Pack

    Colourful first phonics readers full of fun words to rhyme and repeat. Each book is stuffed with cute, comical pictures full of cuddly animal friends, and supports the Government's focus on synthetic phonics learning. Age: 3 years+.

  • What's Inside Me Apron

    …children an inside view of their bodies. Children can match the organs to the outlines on the double-sided apron to learn where each body part belongs. Set includes an apron, an adjustable “brain” headband and 9 soft, stuffed organs that attach with hook and loop fastener. • Apron length: 432mm

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