Talking Telephones

  • Talking Tubes Set

    An enjoyable way to encourage speaking and listening skills. Age: 3 years+.• Includes two colour coded realistic telephone handsets and 3 metres of hollow flexible tubing

  • Talking Tubes Telephone Exchange

    The ultimate conversation starter! Age: 3 years+.Comprises:• 8 handsets (4 red, 4 blue) • 3 x 3 metre lengths and 12 x 1 metre lengths of strong yellow, hollow flexible tubing• 6 in-line connectors and 6 'Y' connectors to enable numerous networks to be made

  • Mini Mobile Phones

    A set of six contemporary "mobile phone" style walkie talkies that can telephone all of the others in the set from up to 50 metres away. Each phone has its own colour and lights up when it rings. Simply "dial" the colour you want to call; to answer, press the button that flashes as "call waiting".…

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