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  • Bench Hook

    This bench hook's small size makes it ideal for children to use, suitable for use with up to 10mm wood.• Size: 120mm(w) x 180mm(l) • Pack of 10

  • White Rose Maths Essentials Kit KS2

    …Coloured Counters (1000pk)• 2 X Dry Wipe 0 -100 Bead umber Lines Pupil (6pk)• 1 X Place Value Counters Hundreds, Tens and Units (1125pk)• 1 X Plastic Ten Frame and 2 Colour Counters (10pk)• 1 X Desktop Silicone Number Frames (80pcs)• 10 X 100 Bead String Line L130cm•…

  • Lightweight Ten Pin Bowling Set

    A great alternative to the real thing with everything you need to get started.Contains:• PVC mat with guide marking• 10 x lightweight rubber foam play pins• 1 x bowling ball• Carry bag

  • Connecting Base Ten Classroom Set

    Base Ten materials assist students in understanding the relationship between units, tens, hundreds and thousands. The components in this set interlock, making it easy for students to connect the base ten components.Set includes: • 3 blocks• 20 flats• 200 rods• 600 cubes • 1 25-sheet base ten pad•…

  • Singapore Colours Place Value Counters

    Broaden your children's depth of place value knowledge. Secure their learning at 3 digits, with the 100s, 10s and 1s pack, then expand to include up to millions and down to three decimal points with the decimals, 1000s and above pack. • Made from plastic• Size: 25mm(dia.)

  • Base Ten Class Set

    Blue plastic Base Ten class set for 20-25 students. See code 042573 for the Base Ten Revived Activity Book• Includes 600 units, 200 rods, 20 flats and 3 cubes

  • Re-Plastic Base Ten Class Set

    Re-Plastic Base Ten Set• Eco-friendly Re-Plastic is made from 100% recycled plastic.• Made from Re-Plastic Material• 184 Pieces: 100x yellow cubes, 50x green rods of ten. 30x blue flats of one hundred, 4x red cubes of a thousand, 1x instructions

  • Ten Frame Pocket Chart

    …and early addition and subtraction with the interactive Ten Frame Pocket Chart. This maths pocket chart works with both vertical and horizontal ten frames and measures 33cm x 45cm. Contains:• 17 clear pockets• 7 different ten frames• 48 two-sided red and yellow circles (2.5cm…

  • Ten Frame Bingo

    Ten Frame Bingo is a matching game for teaching counting, numbers and simple sums.• Size: 1470mm x 250mm x 2230mm• 4 x Bingo Boards and 24 cards

  • Base Ten Group Set

    The Base Ten Group Set helps illustrate the relationships between units, tens, hundreds and thousands and can help children visualise numbers when learning basic addition, subtraction as well as multiplication and division in 10s. Each block is marked in centimetre squares to highlight how each unit…

  • Weighted Base Ten Class Set

    …relative weight distribution in Singapore colours. Balance, equivalence and measure, Base Ten at its very best. Giving children the ability to model what happens to numbers, with weights relative to the Base Ten number to support concrete learning. Ones weigh 1g, 10s -10g, 100s-100g and 1000s -…

  • Connectible Ten Frame Trays

    Frame maths lessons perfectly! With simple visualization and ease of use, our Ten-Frame Trays reinforce early maths skills such as counting, 1-to-1 correspondence, number patterns, addition, subtraction and more. Trays are connectible and can also form 5 x 5 arrays for teaching multiplication…

  • Numicon Ten Shapes

    These are useful for place value activities.• Set of 10 Numicon 10-shapes• Size: 51mm x 125mm

  • Base Ten Floor Tiles

    Embed a deeper understanding of place value through visual representations. A tactile representation of Base 10. Spot patterns, create games and develop knowledge of numbers from 1 to 120. Children will be able to use the tiles to understand how each number is formed, seeing the visual relationships…

  • Plastic Money Coin Sets

    Make learning fun with these plastic play money pieces. These coins are ideal for all money activities, allowing children to recognise and calculate all types of money. • Packs of 100: 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p and £1• Pack of 50: £2• Bumper pack contains: x750 coins (all of the…

  • Base Ten Blocks Book

    This 36 page book teaches number representation, place value, operations, decimals, percentages, fractions and measurement.• Sold singly• Size: A4

  • Ten Frames Bulletin Board Set

    …with this 43 piece Ten Frames Bulletin Board Set. It displays each number to 20, number word, and ten frame representation from 0 to 20 on a mini chart, with additional pieces to explore numbers, counting and early place value as a class.Contains:• 21 number charts• 2 ten frames• 20…

  • Base Ten Number Structure Set

    This smaller version of the Base Ten Class Set below contains 100 Yellow cubes, 10 Green rods, 10 Blue flats and 1 Red block.

  • Magnetic Base Ten Singapore Colours

    Model essential base ten and place value concepts on magnetic surfaces at the front of class. Help children to better visualise the physical representations of maths concepts. Pair this with the base ten block sets for hands-on learning. Ideal teaching resource to demonstrate ideas for addition and…

  • 50 Base Ten Activity Cards

    50 Base Ten Activities is a set of 50 double-sided activity cards for teaching math skills with base ten blocks.• 50 activity cards and 1 contents card• Topics include: counting, subitising, problem solving, ordering, grouping, Ty numbers, place value, estimation, addition, trading,…

  • 50 Ten Frame Activity Cards

    This set of 50 double-sided activity cards are used for teaching math skills with ten frames. Topics include: numbers, number bonds, addition, subtraction, counting, grouping, equal sharing, skip counting, bridging, multiplication and division. The front side provides teaching objectives, resources…

  • Re-Wood Dienes Base Ten Set 5 Colours

    Base 10• Eco-friendly Re-Wood material is 100% recyclable & carbon-neutral• Includes ones, fives, tes, hundreds and a thousand• Five Colours• Strong & lightweight• 141 Pieces

  • Place Value Classroom Set

    Develop an understanding of the place value concept. Dice and spinners are used to generate numbers, the abacus used to physically represent numbers, and the flip charts used for the abstract representation of numbers.Set includes:• 6 Flip Charts• 6 Place Value Abacus• 6 Place Value Dice Sets• 6…

  • Base Ten Class Set with Book

    Blue plastic Base Ten class set for 20-25 students.• Includes 600 units, 200 rods, 20 flats, 3 cubes• Base Ten Activity Book included

  • Paint Palette - 6 Well Deep

    Stackable plastic palettes.• Suitable for 6 colour blocks - size 2• Size: 220mm x 160mm• Pack of 10

  • Ten-Frame Floor Mat Set

    Be a part of the learning process…literally! Life-sized mat and large, fun-to-move discs add excitement to early maths concepts such as counting, 1-to- 1 correspondence, number patterns, addition, subtraction and more. Set includes two vinyl ten-frame floor mats, 20 two-sided blue/green discs and an…

  • Dunlop EVO 6000HD Indoor Table Tennis Table

    The EVO 6000HD is a strong, easy to fold rollaway table suitable for schools and sports centres. It has a double folding design that makes for a very quick set up time; just wheel into place and unfold, the net and post set will be in place automatically and ready to play. • Compact folding…

  • Avery® QuickPEEL™ Laser Addressing Labels

    FSC certified white labels – made with paper from well-managed forests and recyclable as part of paper waste. Same great labels – now Eco Friendly.• Save time with unique QuickPEEL™ feature and FREE easy-to-use templates and software• Guaranteed JamFree™ with outstanding print…

  • Filbert Hog Hair Long Handle Brushes

    Ideal for oil painting.• Pack of 10

  • Hardwood Dowel Packs

    A wide range of hardwood dowels in a variety of diameters and pack sizes.• Length: 600mm (approx)• Available in 9 diameters• Sold as packs of 10 or 100• Made from Birch

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