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  • Plastic Money Coin Sets

    Make learning fun with these plastic play money pieces. These coins are ideal for all money activities, allowing children to recognise and calculate all types of money. • Packs of 100: 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p and £1• Pack of 50: £2• Bumper pack contains: x750 coins (all of the…

  • Connecting Base Ten Classroom Set

    Base Ten materials assist students in understanding the relationship between units, tens, hundreds and thousands. The components in this set interlock, making it easy for students to connect the base ten components.Set includes: • 3 blocks• 20 flats• 200 rods• 600 cubes • 1 25-sheet base ten pad•…

  • Base Ten Number Structure Set

    This smaller version of the Base Ten Class Set below contains 100 Yellow cubes, 10 Green rods, 10 Blue flats and 1 Red block.

  • Base Ten Floor Tiles

    Embed a deeper understanding of place value through visual representations. A tactile representation of Base 10. Spot patterns, create games and develop knowledge of numbers from 1 to 120. Children will be able to use the tiles to understand how each number is formed, seeing the visual relationships…

  • Weighted Base Ten Class Set

    …in Singapore colours. Balance, equivalence and measure, Base Ten at its very best. Giving children the ability to model what happens to numbers, with weights relative to the Base Ten number to support concrete learning. Ones weigh 1g, 10s -10g, 100s-100g and 1000s - 1kg.• Made from plastic•…

  • Connectible Ten Frame Trays

    Frame maths lessons perfectly! With simple visualization and ease of use, our Ten-Frame Trays reinforce early maths skills such as counting, 1-to-1 correspondence, number patterns, addition, subtraction and more. Trays are connectible and can also form 5 x 5 arrays for teaching multiplication…

  • 50 Base Ten Activity Cards

    50 Base Ten Activities is a set of 50 double-sided activity cards for teaching math skills with base ten blocks.• 50 activity cards and 1 contents card• Topics include: counting, subitising, problem solving, ordering, grouping, Ty numbers, place value, estimation, addition, trading,…

  • 50 Ten Frame Activity Cards

    This set of 50 double-sided activity cards are used for teaching math skills with ten frames. Topics include: numbers, number bonds, addition, subtraction, counting, grouping, equal sharing, skip counting, bridging, multiplication and division. The front side provides teaching objectives, resources…

  • Lightweight Ten Pin Bowling Set

    A great alternative to the real thing with everything you need to get started.Contains:• PVC mat with guide marking• 10 x lightweight rubber foam play pins• 1 x bowling ball• Carry bag

  • Numicon One To One Starter Apparatus

    …000 Display Frieze 1 x 0 to 1.01 Decimal Number Line 1 x -12 to 12 Number Line 1 x Fraction Number Line Laminate 1 x 10s Number Line LaminateNumicon builds a deep understanding of maths through a multi-sensory approach. This pack contains apparatus for one to one teaching of children aged 9 to 11.

  • Playcolor Paint Stick & Mask Classpack

    The Playcolor Paint Sticks are a quick and easy alternative to regular paint, but giving you the same results. The bright colours go down smoothly and doesn't cause the paper to wrinkle. Your pupils can use the paint sticks on the masks included to come with with fantastic imaginative designs.Pack…

  • EN One Piece Chairs

    …solution, with its streamline ergonomic design, light weight polypropylene shell, space saving stack-ability and long-lasting durability. The EN One promotes better posture and better comfort.• Conforms to BSEN16139:2013 level 2• For both indoor and outdoor use• Stackable up to 21…

  • GOPAK Ultralight Staging Accessories

    To complete your staging:Anti-Slip Bungs: These prevent movement on a slippery, smooth floor, adding anti-slip bungs to the bottom of the risers blocks, supplied in packs of 50.Riser Levelers: If you install your stage on an uneven floor, slip a riser leveler under the bottom of the riser block to…

  • Synthetic Sable Flat Brush Packs

    The synthetic sable brushes are suitable for water colour, oil and acrylic paints. They combine a traditional spring with a fine flexible point and are used for a variety of painting techniques, including glass, silk and pottery painting.• Short handle • Pack of 10

  • Outdoor Place Value Foam Counters

    Tactile and visual they are the perfect tool for teaching place value on a large scale. These outdoor counters feature thousands, hundreds, tens and ones, and enable children to build up to 4 digit numbers.• Made from foam• Pack of 80• Size: 190mm(dia.)Contains:• 10 x 1000s• 10 x 100s• 30 x 10s• 30…

  • Place Value Set

    …120 Square Grid Boards with teaching windows•44 x Ten Frames and 144 Counters. Ten Frame measures 140mm x 60mm and Counter s 23mm•12 sets of Base Ten Blocks, for a total of 12 x blue hundreds blocks, 120 x green tens blocks, and 1,200 x yellow ones blocks. The blue hundred block measures 132mm x…

  • Ten-Frame Floor Mat Set

    Be a part of the learning process…literally! Life-sized mat and large, fun-to-move discs add excitement to early maths concepts such as counting, 1-to- 1 correspondence, number patterns, addition, subtraction and more. Set includes two vinyl ten-frame floor mats, 20 two-sided blue/green discs and an…

  • Place Value Magic Ruler Class Pack

    Designed by teachers, this pack consists of one large teacher Place Value Magic Ruler and ten small dry wipe pupil versions. The teacher version includes removable place value tabs; units, tens, hundreds, thousands, hundred thousands, millions, tenths, hundredths, thousandths, hundred thousandths…

  • Dunlop EVO 6000HD Indoor Table Tennis Table

    The EVO 6000HD is a strong, easy to fold rollaway table suitable for schools and sports centres. It has a double folding design that makes for a very quick set up time; just wheel into place and unfold, the net and post set will be in place automatically and ready to play. • Compact folding…

  • Gears

    4mm bore, push fit, plastic gears.• Pack of 10

  • Number Bug Counting Line 1-10

    As well as providing as essential resource for early numeracy, the number bug counting line acts as a cheerful display. With help from 10 different friendly bugs, children learn to recognise numerals and to count, order, estimate and learn odd numbers up to 10. 1000mm(w) x 160mm(h)

  • Numicon Firm Foundations One-to-One Apparatus Pack

    The Firm Foundations One to One Apparatus Pack contains apparatus to teach children at ages 3 to 5 and supports the Firm Foundations Teaching Pack.Contains: • 1 x 100 Square Baseboard Firm Foundations • 1 x Feely Bag • 1 x Large Format Table Top Number Line • 80 x Coloured Pegs • 80 x Numicon Shapes…

  • Battery Holders - 1 x AA

    • Takes 1 x AA zinc chloride battery• Colour coded wire leads• To be used with zinc chloride batteries only• Adult supervision required • 150mm long• Pack of 10

  • Magnetic Number links 1 - 100

    Calculating one or two digit numbers that when added together cross a 10s boundary can be a tough concept to secure. Revolutionise teaching, modelling and practice with magnetic Number Links. Represent the problem with 10s and 1s. Add all of the 10s on to the magnetic 100s square, followed by the…

  • Dandelion Readers, Set 1, Units 1-10

    • 10 book set

  • Laces

    • 1 metre long laces• Assorted colours• Pack of 10• Age: 3 years+

  • Tape Measure

    A tough, nylon-reinforced plastic tape measure which is 1m(l) x 30mm(w). Chunky and easy to hold, with bold 1cm markings and 10cm increments. This handy tape is made from a flexible, non stretch and washable material. • Bold 1cm markings and 10cm increments• Size: 1000mm(l) x 30mm(w)•…

  • Multiplication & Division Bingo

    …photographic examples of groups, sets of beads on a line and ten frames. There are 2 difficulty levels allowing for an age range of 7-11. Each boxed game contains 6 playing boards and 54 matching cards accommodating up to 7 players, with one player acting as a bingo caller. These fast-paced games…

  • Laminated Number Cards

    Laminated cards printed 1-100 on one side and plain grid printed on the other. • Size: 280mm x 270mm • Pack of 10

  • Cloakroom Top

    • Colourful coat hooks mounted on a board suitable for any junior setting cloakrooms• Hooks can be supplied multi-coloured or one solid colour

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