Textile Medium

  • Chromacryl Textile Medium

    A versatile textile medium that converts Chromacryl acrylics into an immediate and washable textile paint or printing ink.• 500ml bottle

  • System 3 Textile Printing Medium

    Textile Printing Medium has been developed for screen printing on fabric. Mix 1:1 with System 3 colours to give strong colour, fine definition and colour fastness over 20+ washes.

  • White T-Shirts

    • 100% cotton• Available in 3 sizes

  • Adjustoform Dressmaking Dummy

    This dressmakers dummy has an 8-part body which has been used over many years by beginners and experienced sewers. The body is split at the waist to assist fitting for those with longer or shorter waistlines.

  • Image Transfer Medium

    Scola’s Image Transfer Medium allows you to quickly and easily transfer printed or photocopied images and text from paper to fabric. Simply coat the paper with transfer medium, press the paper on to the fabric and leave it to dry. Once dry remove the paper, leaving the image on the fabric. Full…

  • Landscape Fabric Pack

    …Ideal as a blank canvas or for draping. Each pack comes with seven additional fabrics to add texture. Create 3-dimensional tree roots and earth life for a forest scene. Use the fabric pack for group work display projects encouraging team work, sharing ideas and the manipulation of textile mediums.

  • Sea and Sky Fabric Pack

    …fabrics to add texture and two mini sequin fabric strips. Create a mermaid or fish for an 'Under the Sea' display. You can also use the fabric packs as a group work display project, encouraging team work, sharing of ideas and the manipulation of textile mediums.• Size: 1m square• Pack of 8

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