Textile Pack

  • Beads Bumper Pack

    Assorted shapes, sizes and colours. Suitable for collage, jewellery and textile decoration.• Bead size: 3mm - 20mm• Pack of 1000 approx

  • Fabric Off-Cuts

    A fabulous assortment of fabric off-cuts that can be used for collage, textiles and Art and Craft projects. Ideal for use with all ages and abilities.• Colours and sizes may vary• 250g pack

  • Playcolor Textile Paint Stick & T-Shirt Classpack

    …machine washed at up to 60°C. The classpack comes with some T-shirts and a set of stencils to help get you started.Pack contains:• 6 x pack of 12, 10g Playcolor Textile Pocket Paint Sticks• 6 white T-Shirts• 6 stencils for decorating fabrics• Supplied in a plastic storage box

  • Edding Textile Pens

    Textile markers using a water-based pigment ink which is quick-drying and extremely lightfast, ideal for colourful designs on almost all untreated light textiles (cotton, silk, linen etc.).• After fixing the colours by iron (without steam), the textiles can be washed at up to 60°C• Nib…

  • Durable Textile Badge Necklaces

    Great value pack of fabric necklaces suitable for use with all Durable badges with clips, pins or crocodile clips.• Safety closure opens as soon as the badge necklace becomes trapped or caught• Necklace length: 750mm• Available in a choice of colours• Pack of 10

  • Giotto Decor Textile Markers

    …Decor Textile. These special markers will decorate any type of fabric. The colours are permanent and machine washable at 40°C.• Permanent ink, water-based, non-toxic and safe• Press with a warm iron to fix colour• Colours: 8 standard colours and 4 fluorescent• Pack of 12

  • Durable Overprinted Textile Badge Necklaces

    20mm wide overprinted badge necklace with safety release which opens if the necklace becomes caught or trapped.• Suitable for all Durable badges with clips, pins or crocodile clips• Necklace length: 880mm• Pack of 10

  • Trimmings Pack

    Excellent value pack suitable for all types of collage, textile and craft applications. Can be attached with either glue or stitching.• Colours and contents may vary• Assorted selection of 20m braids and 6m assorted sequin rows• 460g pack

  • Textured Fabric Pack

    Multi-purpose pack of fabrics which can be used for textile design. Excellent for exploring a range of textures. Available in a wide range of colours.• Includes: Fur, Fleece, PVC and Sequinned fabric• Minimum 29 pieces• 460g pack

  • Super Fabric Pack Assortment

    A fantastic super value selection of 6 exciting fabrics to use for art, craft, textiles and display projects.• Size: 1.5m(l) x Assorted widths• Pack of 6

  • Landscape Fabric Pack

    …Each pack comes with seven additional fabrics to add texture. Create 3-dimensional tree roots and earth life for a forest scene. Use the fabric pack for group work display projects encouraging team work, sharing ideas and the manipulation of textile mediums.• Size: 1m square• Pack of 8

  • Coloured Net

    Suitable for many textile, craft and collage applications.• Assorted colours• Size: 500mm(w) x 1050mm(l)• Pack of 14

  • Sea and Sky Fabric Pack

    …fabrics to add texture and two mini sequin fabric strips. Create a mermaid or fish for an 'Under the Sea' display. You can also use the fabric packs as a group work display project, encouraging team work, sharing of ideas and the manipulation of textile mediums.• Size: 1m square• Pack of 8

  • Collage Fabric Pack

    A superb selection of fabric squares with exciting and glitzy surfaces and patterns. Perfect for collage and textile activities.• Contains 10 x Foil Fabric, 10 x Sequin Dot, 6 x Metallic Print, 10 x Wet Look• Pack of 36

  • Staedtler Textsurfer Highlighters

    …when photocopied, however remains legible on paper• Fast drying with ultra soft chisel tip• Water-based ink that washes out of most textiles• Pack of 4 includes: blue, grey, buff and black• Pack of 10 includes: yellow, peach, pink, lilac, mint, lime, blue, buff, grey and black

  • Coloured Craft Cotton

    Top quality craft cotton/acrylic mix yarn in 10 gloriously rich colours. Soft lustrous texture which is perfect for knitting, threading, creative crafts and textile projects.• 50g each• Pack of 10

  • Chunky Knit

    Balls of chunky yarn ideal for craft, collage, threading and creative textiles activities.• Assorted colours• 100g each• Pack of 10

  • Super Metallic Fabric Bundle

    Great value pack of metallic fabrics in a range of vibrant colours and textures. Ideal for textile projects and displays.• Size: 1m(l) x assorted widths• Pack of 8

  • A4 Felt Rectangles

    Great value budget pack of felt. A great classroom resource ideal for textiles and collage work.• Size: 210mm x 297mm• Pack of 100

  • Plain and Patterned Fabric Squares

    Supplied in two packs, plain or patterned fabric squares for use in a wide variety of art and textile based projects. Extremely versatile resource packs.• Size: 230mm x 230mm• Pack of 25

  • Knitting Wool

    Great for textiles projects as well as knitting.• Assorted colours• 25g each• Pack of 20

  • Pot Holder and Markers Kit

    This kit includes all materials needed to decorate 80 pot holders with textile markers. Guidance is included. • Contains 80 pot holders, 60 double tip textile markers in assorted colours and 12 black double tip textile markers• Size: 200mm x 200mm• Pack of 80

  • Double Knit

    This top quality, brightly coloured acrylic double knit yarn. Can be used for weaving, threading, primary sewing, knitting, creative textiles and general art and textiles projects.• Assorted colours• 100g each• Pack of 10

  • Conti™ Washcloths

    …wash cloth made from Air-laid tissue that is ideal for frequent washing and drying of sensitive skin.• High bulk and water absorption• High wet strength• Lathers well with soap and water• Soft textile feel• C fold embossed wipe• Wipe size: 300mm x 300mm• Pack of 75

  • Knitting Needles

    Great for textile projects.• Alloy - gauge 8 (4mm dia.)• Size: Adult size 250mm(l)• Pack of 2

  • Glitter Ribbon

    Super glitter ribbon for collage, appliqué and textile trimming. Just a little ribbon makes a big difference.• 10mm(w) x 1m lengths• Assorted colours• Pack of 10

  • Conti™ Soft Cleansing Wipes

    Soft dry wipes for incontinence use. Its soft textile feel makes it ideal for use on sensitive skin and everyday cleansing.• Large C fold embossed wipe• Wipe size: 320mm x 300mm• Pack of 100

  • Sparkle Ribbon

    Velvet touch ribbon with a shiny metallic surface in assorted colours. Superb for collage, appliqué and textile trimming, threading and adding some extra sparkle to weavings and creative projects.• 10mm(w) x 1m lengths• Assorted colours• Pack of 20

  • Marabu Fashion Spray

    The Marabu Fashion Spray is a textile spray paint in a 100ml pump action bottle. Ideal for freehand spraying, stencilling and many other techniques.• Colours: Sunshine Yellow, Tangerine, Red, Plum, Sky-Blue and Reseda• 100ml bottles• Pack of 6

  • Marabu Fashion Liner

    Marabu Fashion Liners are ideal for embellishments and writing, the perfect finish for all textile designs.• Colours: 2 x Black and 1 each of Black Shimmer, Gold Shimmer, Silver Shimmer and Mother of Pearl Shimmer• 25ml tubes• Pack of 6

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