• Seasons Bean Bags

    …looking bean bags can bring nature indoors. The realist high definition print aids classroom subjects and lights up any space with its vivid colours. Use them indoors and outdoors and bring themed learning areas to life.• Size: 860mm(w) x 820mm(dia)• Available in 3 different themed fabrics

  • Jungle Chalkboards

    Inject colour and fun into the playground whilst stimulating children's imagination, mark making and creative skills whatever the weather! The giant mark making surface enables children to write messages, stories or develop drawing skills.• Made from foamex• Pack of 5• Size: 730mm(h) x 815mm(l)

  • Themed Palm Rollers

    These retro themed palm rollers are perfect for craft activities. Age: 3 years+.• Shapes: Hearts, flowers and space• Pack of 3

  • Jungle Themed Tuff Tray Insert

    This jungle themed tuff tray insert can be used for a range of imaginative and role play activities. Add t-rex, stegosaurus and some bark to create a dinosaur park or use mini trees with lions and elephants to explore safari!• Made from durable 100% polyester• Size: 880mm(w)• Tray not included•…

  • Farm Themed Tuff Tray Insert

    Children can enjoy creating a wonderful small farm by adding tractors, animals and farmers.• Made from durable 100% polyester• Size: 880mm(w)• Tray not included• Designed to fit Consortium tuff trays, may not be the right size for other brands of tuff trays

  • Transport Themed Tuff Tray Insert

    This transport town scene is full of different buildings and roads to explore. Use a bulldozer in the construction park, drive to school, or fly a plane onto the landing strip!• Made from durable 100% polyester• Size: 880mm(w)• Tray not included• Designed to fit Consortium tuff trays, may not be the…

  • Dinosaur Themed Tuff Tray Insert

    A perfect Cretaceous / Jurassic landscape for children to play with wood or plastic dinosaurs of any scale. The tray mats have been specially designed to encourage children to play inclusively. Playing in a circle helps them to fully see each other and peers sharing means creativity and a common…

  • Rhyming Bingo

    …fun bingo game. Children can match the picture on the card with a picture that rhymes on the theme board. At a more advanced level, words on the reverse side can be matched to the picture. These words have the rhyming part colour-coded in red. Contains: •4 theme boards•24 reversible cards

  • Minibeast Puppets

    Everything you need to make this set of pre-punched easy stitch minibeast hand puppets. A favourite theme with both teachers and children alike.• Fully illustrated and templates included• Size: 190mm x 120mm• Pack of 30

  • Glass Painting Window Decorations

    This set of clear plastic window decorations can be painted with glass paints. Each shape features a hanging hole.• 3 each of 8 summer theme designs• Size: 100mm(dia.) approx.• Pack of 24

  • LEGO® Community Starter Set

    A huge set with endless possibilities! Build a community with a theme park, zoo, high street or whatever else you might think of. Includes colourful bricks in all shapes and sizes and a large selection of special elements such as windows, flowers, wheels, mini-figures and many more. Also provides…

  • Small World Tray Inserts

    …for creating small world environments. The green grass insert is ideal for creating a farmyard and the white grass ideal for creating an Arctic theme or snowy landscape. Age: 3 years+.• Fits inside our tuff trays with space around the edges• Size: approx. 880mm(w)• Tray not included

  • Small World Under The Sea Kit

    Set up an under the sea theme using a variety of products. Create a sea bed using sand or water and let the children play with small world creatures.Kit includes:• 1 x 5kg bag of blue sand• 1 x bag of large shells• 1 x tub of marine creatures (32 pieces)• 1 x set of sea creatures…

  • Active World Jungle Mat

    A beautifully illustrated, jungle theme mat. Imaginations will soar as children create their own adventures, using the mat as a habitat. Add coloured sawdust, sand, stones, etc., and animal models for a totally wild experience. Age: 10 months+.• Size: 860mm(dia.)• Made of plastic

  • Build a Wooden Location Blocks

    A set of open ended wooden blocks which can be transformed into different mini environments. Children can be the architects and decide on the size, shape, and theme of their location. Age: 3 years+.• Suitable to be left outdoors• Pack of 9

  • Jungle Heads & Tails

    A jungle themed first matching activity that develops into a fun game. Age: 18 months+

  • Halloween Sequin Mix

    A spooky assortment of Halloween themed sequins.• May include: pumpkins, ghosts, skulls, moons, witches, bats and cats• 200ml tub

  • BIG DEAL Small World Under The Sea Kit

    Set up an under the sea theme using a variety of products. Create a sea bed using sand or water and let the children play with small world creatures.Kit includes:• 1 x 5kg bag of blue sand• 1 x bag of large shells• 1 x tub of marine creatures (tub of 32)• 1 x set of under the sea…

  • BIG DEAL Mini Under the Sea Zone

    This cosy mini zone from Millhouse, has an engaging under the sea theme with ample storage for books and resources. The combined units are perfect for creating a reading area or quiet play space. Features 6 comfy cushions and soft touch floor mat.Zone comprises of the following items: • Small Cosy…

  • Play Shelter

    The Play Shelter is the perfect hide-out, relaxing area or quiet outdoor space. Easy to decorate for a chosen theme and a great place to seek shelter in rain.• Made using premium quality Scandinavian Redwood• Smooth finish – soft to touch and no splinters• Rounded edges for added safety• Sturdy and…

  • Jumbo Jigsaw Pieces

    Jumbo pre-cut display shapes. Ideal for presenting a wide range of themes from any of the curriculum subjects.• Size: 380mm x 340mm• Pack of 20

  • Sparkling Praise Bugs Stickers

    Bug themed sparkling stickers, ideal for bringing nature into the classroom.• Supplied on A4 sheets• 524 stickers: 252 x 25mm(dia.) and 272 x 10mm(dia.)

  • Christmas Cutters

    A pack of Christmas themed cutters ideal for dough, clay and baking.• Contains an Angel, Christmas tree, Father Christmas, Snowman, Reindeer and a Bell• Pack of 6

  • BIG DEAL Discovery Zone

    This unique combination of units creates a theme which nurtures discovery, encourages exploratory play and allows children to develop their imagination. The Play Tray Activity table and Potion Bench are ideal for exploring different textures and materials, whist the Tilt Tote and Column Shelf units…

  • Sealife Paper Shapes

    Bumper pack of paper sealife creatures, coral and seaweed in all sizes and colours. Excellent for posters, friezes, borders, themed displays and presentations.• Ideas sheet included• Size: 55mm to 270mm• Pack of 400

  • Triple Egg Decorations

    A straight forward threading and decorating Easter themed pack designed to provide an activity which is both achievable in short sessions and appropriate for use with mixed ability groups.• Size: 175mm x 140mm• Pack of 30

  • Mobilo® Class Set

    This extensive construction kit enables children to create whole play themes and large models. The kit comes with 12 large wheels and 16 construction manuals. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 424 pieces

  • BIG DEAL Cosy Reading Zone Room Set

    …read and relax, or enjoy some quiet play. The den featured in this zone can be used to create a cosy area which you can decorate to suit a chosen theme or activity. Finish this zone with our large baskets (available separately), which fit neatly on the shelves of the den unit.No expensive furniture…

  • Farmyard Heads & Tails

    A fun first matching activity that develops into a game as children grow in confidence and ability. A farm themed matching activity with large, wipe-clean cards for little hands. Age: 18 months+.• Players: 1-4

  • Oxford Primary Atlas

    Specially designed to include key curriculum themes such as mountains, settlements and environments. Accurate maps are presented in a clear and colourful layout. Country data files and colour photographs are also included.• Paperback

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