Throw Down

  • Throw Down Hands Set

    These vinyl hands are a great teaching resource for setting out play routines and drills.• Contrasting left and right hands• Colours: red and blue• Pack of 10

  • Floor Markers Hands and Feet

    These vinyl feet and hands are a great coaching aid in terms of placement or teaching resource for setting out play routes.• Contrasting left and right feet and hands• Colours: red and blue• Pack of 10

  • Gymnastics Throw Down Spots

    A quick and easy way to organise class gymnastics activities. Dot the safe, non-slip mats around the hall and get the children to work at each station in pairs, groups of 3 or as individuals. Each pack contains 10 different exercises allowing for a varied exercise circuit.• Made from rubber• Pack of…

  • Static Stretch Throw Down Spots

    A quick and easy way to organise your class at the start and end of a lesson for warm up and cool down activities. Dot these safe, non-slip mats around the hall and get the children to work around each one. Use individually or in groups of two or three.• Made from rubber• Pack of 10• Size:…

  • Emotion Faces Throw Down Spots

    A set of visually stimulating, double sided spots, showing fun representations of emotions, with the written emotion on the reverse. Encourage active learning by getting children to run/jump on to the different emotions. Recognising facial expressions and understanding emotions helps children…

  • Indoor Bases Set

    Throw down bases for softball and baseball. The smooth rubber gives adhesion to dry floor surfaces. • Pack of 5

  • Chalkboard Table Covers

    Transforms indoor and outdoor areas quickly and easily into large mark making spaces. Throw down then sit, lie or crawl on the surface and chalk away! Wipe clean and waterproof.• Black• Made from PVC• Size: 1000mm(w) x 1200mm(l) • Pack of 2

  • Consortium Gym kit

    …• 4 x 600mm Standard hoops (mixed colours)• 4 x 750mm Standard hoops (mixed colours) • 4 x 900mm Standard hoops (mixed colours)• 4 x Stability discs• 10 x Throw down feet• 10 x Throw down hands • 6 x Bangle Ribbons• 4 x Pack of 6 floor marker spots• 1 x Pack of 6 coloured ribbons• Large holdall

  • Busy Ball Play Table

    Little minds and hands will get active as they catapult balls into the basin or throw them down the chute. Children can develop their cognitive skills by counting the play balls and pairing them by colour. This is the ultimate water table that can be used indoors or outdoors. For indoor fun, keep…

  • Playground Bumper Target Kit

    throwing skills. Variety allows for varying challenge and also allows for the games to be set up in an area to create an active outdoor space.• Contains: 4 x 3-in-1 Targets,1 x Double-sided Target Mat, 4 x Tipping Targets, 1 x Multi-purpose Target Goal, 1 x Quoits Target game, 1 x Knock Down

  • Playground Rebounders

    Robust and colourful rebound boards, super easy to set up and take down. Can be stored flat packed. Create instant and attractive playground walls for throwing games. Great for all ages.• 2 years warranty• Made from polycarbonate and recycled

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