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  • Rubber Quoits

    These soft rubber quoits are ideal for throwing about and can be used in a variety of activities.• Size: 150mm(dia)• Available in 4 colours• Sold singly

  • Flexi Balls

    An innovative product with inter-connecting holes which makes it easy to catch, throw or be bowled. This pack of four balls are made from a durable rubber compound with excellent shape retention. Age: 3 years+.Contains:• 1 x 70mm diameter ball• 1 x 90mm diameter ball• 1 x 130mm…

  • Animal Beanbags

    Ideal for throwing and catching, these beanbags can be tossed at targets or used for gross motor games.• Available in frog and turtle designs• Pack of 4

  • Aeroball

    An extra soft nose with foam fin tail, this light torpedo shaped ball glides through the air. Great for encouraging catching and throwing skills amongst children. • Styles may vary• Sold singly

  • Throw & Tell Activity Ball

    For a Carer or Activities Co-Ordinator, it's essential to learn as much as possible about the people you are working with. The Throw and Tell Activity Ball is a simple way to learn practical information about an individual in a fun, informative, non-confrontational way that everyone can enjoy. Each…

  • Aerodart

    A soft lightweight dart made from PU and EVA foam with a fin shaped tail for stability in the air. The Aerodart is great for introducing children to throwing and catching.• Colours may vary• Length approx 170mm• Sold singly

  • Original Red Clay

    This original red clay is good for throwing and turning and with a good plasticity.• Fire at 1040°C-1170°C• 12.5kg

  • 3-in-1 Targets

    Set up or pack away these colourful targets in 3 seconds! Light, portable and easy to store, they are perfect for early throwing games. Each of the four targets has three different net configurations to vary the challenge. Designed to be used with foam balls or bean bags, these will help you promote…

  • Foam Flyers

    Made from durable coated foam, perfect for helping to develop throwing and catching skills.• 210mm diameter • Pack of 4

  • Throwing and Catching Pack

    Ideal for helping children to develop basic throwing and catching skills and improve hand eye co-ordination. Comes complete with a clear crystal box and lid for easy storage.Contains:• 5 x Koosh balls• 1 x Pack of 4 Flying discs• 1 x Pack of 12 assorted bean bags• 5 x…

  • Shimpo Tabletop Throwing Wheel

    The Shimpo tabletop potter’s throwing wheel is one of the most versatile wheels on the market offering a high performance in a tiny package. Its lightweight, compact design makes it easily portable, yet its 10kg centring capability makes it a great addition to any classroom.• Accommodates right…

  • Shimpo Whisper Potters Throwing Wheel

    The Shimpo Whisper Potters Wheel is responsive and powerful, offering high torque at all speeds. With an operating volume of only 30 decibels the wheel is by far the quietest on the market.• Brushless DC motor• Electronic Controller maintains desired speed under all load conditions•…

  • Sportshall Target Throw PAK

    A game of skill and accuracy with easy measurement using the mat provided.Contains:• 4 sets of five coloured beanbags• 4 x plastic targets• 1 x measuring mat• 1 x laminated activity card• 1 x carry bag

  • Throw Down Hands Set

    These vinyl hands are a great teaching resource for setting out play routines and drills.• Contrasting left and right hands• Colours: red and blue• Pack of 10

  • Gymnastics Throw Down Spots

    A quick and easy way to organise class gymnastics activities. Dot the safe, non-slip mats around the hall and get the children to work at each station in pairs, groups of 3 or as individuals. Each pack contains 10 different exercises allowing for a varied exercise circuit.• Made from rubber• Pack of…

  • Floor Markers Hands and Feet

    These vinyl feet and hands are a great coaching aid in terms of placement or teaching resource for setting out play routes.• Contrasting left and right feet and hands• Colours: red and blue• Pack of 10

  • Static Stretch Throw Down Spots

    A quick and easy way to organise your class at the start and end of a lesson for warm up and cool down activities. Dot these safe, non-slip mats around the hall and get the children to work around each one. Use individually or in groups of two or three.• Made from rubber• Pack of 10• Size:…

  • Emotion Faces Throw Down Spots

    A set of visually stimulating, double sided spots, showing fun representations of emotions, with the written emotion on the reverse. Encourage active learning by getting children to run/jump on to the different emotions. Recognising facial expressions and understanding emotions helps children…

  • Throw and Catch Playground Equipment Kit

    A whopping 70 pieces of throwing and catching equipment. Brightly coloured and many soft items makes it suitable for all ages. Developed to build the basic multi skills for all sports. Contents may vary.• Inclusive for all abilities.• Developing throwing and catching skills are the key…

  • Sportshall Throws PAK

    Introduces children to the skills of throwing. This equipment is both safe and fun to use. Contains:• 2 x bull nosed javelins• 2 x primary discus• 2 x primary shot 600g• 2 x primary hammers 350g• 1 x 1kg vinyl medicine ball• 2 x graduated measuring mat• 40 x…

  • White Earthenware Clay

    Plastic, white earthenware throwing clay.• Fire at 1100°C-1220°C• 12.5kg

  • Juggling Balls

    Bean-filled juggling balls are ideal for beginners.• Perfect for throwing and catching activities.• Help develop hand eye co-ordination.

  • Target Net

    This pop-up net is ideal for developing throwing skills and for creating target scoring games.• Diameter: 508mm• Sold singly

  • NERF Vortex Howler

    A training aid with hand grip to help develop throwing skills for a range of sports including javelin, tennis and cricket. Its long-distance tail sends it flying as far as you can throw it and howls as it flies. • Size: 183mm(h) x 327mm(w) x 108mm(d)• Weight 0.17kg• Colours may vary

  • Spider Balls

    These brightly coloured balls give a great sensory feel with their tentacles, making throwing and catching games more fun. Age: 3 years+.• 65mm tentacles• Pack of 6

  • Foam Javelins

    Foam javelins are ideal for introducing beginners to the sport. Designed to help develop a good throwing technique.• Available in 2 lengths: 500mm and 900mm• Sold singly

  • Lightweight Foam Balls

    These moulded lightweight foam balls offer a soft surface for throwing and catching.• Dimater: 200mm• Colours: red, blue, green and yellow• Sold singly

  • Coloured Lightweight Foam Balls

    These lightweight foam balls are ideal for developing throwing and catching skills.• Size: 200mm(dia)• Sold singly or as assorted packs of 4 and 12

  • Freestanding Target Games Set

    A freestanding frame with two target game attachments; one allows throwing darts to stick to the hook and loop scoring sections, the second is for shape recognition with five shaped sections. Great for developing hand/eye co-ordination, and a bit of number and shape recognition 'thrown in'!…

  • Koosh Balls

    A great introduction to throwing and catching. Soft, safe, easy to grasp ball made from natural washable rubber. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 80mm(dia)• Sold singly or as a pack of 12

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