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  • What's the Time? Bingo!

    This newly improved version of What's the Time? Bingo! is perfect for consolidating different time concepts, such as analogue and digital, written words and numeric. It includes numerous time examples from the half hour to the five minutes. A game for up to seven players, where one player is the…

  • 7 Maths Board Games

    Board games covering seven learning objectives, Adding and Subtracting Negative Numbers; Multi-digit Addition and Subtraction; Multi-digit Multiplication and Division; Place Value to Millions; Multi-digit and Roman Numeral Word Problems; Introduction to Algebra; and Calculating Time.Contains:•…

  • Bumper Maths Games Kit

    …kit contains 16 games to make you the most popular maths teacher around. The bumper kit includes our immensely popular packs of board games, as well as our entire range of bingo games and numeracy Buzzles.Contents: • 6 Maths board games level 1, 2 and 3 • What’s the time? Bingo •…

  • Working Memory Games

    …easily learned game for individuals or small groups to practice using and developing working memory. Working memory is an important classroom skill to acquire for every child. It is important for them to be able to hold pieces of information in their head for short periods of time that are not…

  • Lunch Time Coloured Kits

    …track where all of your equipment is at the end of play times.• Easily identifiable, these coloured sets will help to track where all of your equipment is at the end of play times• Children are proven to learn better when they are active• Group games help develop team working skills

  • Magnetic Fishing Set

    Children get a bite every time they play with this magnetic fishing set and build essential hand/eye co-ordination at the same time! Children use sturdy plastic poles fitted with fun magnetic “hooks” to reel in the colourful fish and the sea creatures are specially weighted to float upright for…

  • Jumble Jungle Memory Matching Game

    …can pinch a pair from another player!This colourful game is perfect for introducing turn-taking, sharing and matching. The chunky, wipe-clean cards mean that they’ll withstand the wear and tear of little hands so that children can play time and time again! Whilst playing, children can be encouraged…

  • Times Table Swat!

    …Includes 132 colourful flies, 4 swatters and an Activity Guide. Suitable for 1-4 players, ages 6+.• Times Table Swat is suitable for up to 4 players• This fun game helps aid in memory and recall of times tables, in a fun way.• Build confidence in multiplication with this fun activity

  • Dual Power Timers

    …can time up or down to 99 mins and 59 seconds. A bleeping alarm is sounded to say the time has been reached. Having dual power functionality means they are always charged and ready to go. The timers can be used in numerous situations such as in scientific experiments, for circle time, for games, and…

  • Tacklingtables Class Set

    game to help children master their times tables.This engaging maths game helps children learn 1 to 12 times tables and their corresponding division facts off by heart. Playing for just 5-10 minutes a day will make a big difference and help boost numerical fluency.Included is a colour-coded times

  • Playground Pals Kit KS1 and KS2

    …with 8 different activities. All the products have been carefully selected to develop skills which are the foundation of the mainstream sports played in schools. Contents may vary.• Develop throwing, catching, kicking, jumping and moving skills.• Ideal for play leaders games at lunch times

  • Giant Wooden Dominoes

    Larger than standard dominoes, people with visual impairment can continue to enjoy their favourite game. The perfect activity to pass the time.• Wooden extra large• Double six, black spots• Size: 80mm x 40mm x 9mm

  • Primary Agility Kit

    …This comprehensive kit takes youngsters right through the curriculum and beyond.• Includes hurdles, javelins, medicine balls and much more.• The perfect set to introduce sportshall athletics to a whole class.• Practise for the school games to make the most of your competition time.

  • Multiplication & Division Bingo

    games will encourage pupils to work out the multiplication and division questions quickly and accurately. Level 1 deals with the 2, 5 and 10 times tables, while the more advanced Level 2 will teach children their 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 times tables. • Level 1 deals with 2, 5 and 10 times

  • Percentages, Decimals and Fractions Bingo

    This enjoyable bingo game will encourage your pupils to recognise and match fractions, percentages and decimals. Children will see and learn the equivalences across these concepts. There are 6 boards enabling 7 players to take part at any one time (one player would be the caller). Each board…

  • Giant Coloured Balloon Ball 85cm

    games indoors and outside.Its durable, washable, double-stitched nylon cover ensures the ball will last for a long time, even after intensive use.Under the cover, a large latex bladder gives the ball its spherical shape; it inflates and deflates quickly thanks to its large opening. These games

  • Mental Maths Bingo

    …at the ready, to become a mental mathematics whiz! Our engaging new game cleverly replicates some of the pressure felt by pupils during KS2 oral SATs as they must beat opponents and be the first to give correct answers to number, time and measure problems using only their brains. Tried and tested by…

  • STEM Explorers™ Magnet Movers

    …time-tested accessories and some seriously fun experiments that range from learning basic concepts to thematic hands-on challenges to full-on game play. Includes magnetic wand, magnetic post, 2 magnetic rings, bar magnet, 2 magnetic balls, horseshoe magnet, string, 30 colour chips and an activity…

  • Multiplication Wristband Classpacks

    …wristbands, printed with clear times tables to motivate pupils preparing for the Multiplication Table Check (MTC). Each class pack corresponds with the maths curriculum objective for times table knowledge in Years 2, 3 and 4. The wristbands are colour co-ordinated to allow games and activities based…

  • Toys Past and Present Comparison Collection

    …and Great-Grandparents would have played with very different toys than we have today. This pack shows some of the toys that children of the time would have owned. Contents may vary.Contains:•1 x Greek Spinning Top•1 x Catch-it Cone•1 x Bag of Metal Jacks•1 x Tudor Five…

  • Playground Cricket Teaching Pack

    …criteria.• Fully meet national curriculum needs for KS2 competitive games, with activities written by Derby School Sport Partnership.• Provides full planning to reduce teacher workload and streamline PE and lunch time activities.• All the equipment included to facilitate the lessons…

  • Number Spinners

    …and help with early number work and counting. Create fun games and use the spinner instead of or as well as dice. Can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to sorting through number flashcards, saving valuable staff time.• Supports Numbers and Patterns initiative• 6 x numeracy…

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