Toilet Cleaner 750ml

  • Harpic Toilet Cleaner

    Harpic Active Fresh ensures efficient toilet cleaning and removes stains and limescale. The unique formula leaves a long lasting fragrance and gives maximum coverage in the bowl.• Kills 99.9% of bacteria• Pine fragrance

  • Ecover Toilet Cleaner

    A powerful toilet cleaner that cleans, de-calcifies and freshens.• Fast and complete biodegradability• Suitable for septic tanks• Pine and mint fragrance• 750ml

  • Duck Deep Action Toilet Cleaner

    Duck® Deep Action Gel sanitises toilets and urinals, killing 99.99% of bacteria. It's uniquely shaped neck allows better reach vs other Toilet Bowl Cleaners. • Passes EN1276, EN13697 and EN14476• Fresh fragrance with no harsh toilet cleaner smell • Reaches hidden bacteria and grime…

  • R6 Heavy-Duty Toilet Cleaner

    A powerful heavy-duty liquid toilet cleaner.• Contains hydrochloric acid • Not suitable for use on stainless steel• 6 x 750ml

  • Apple Toilet Cleaner

    A thick, apple scented, toilet cleaner with an effective descaling action that leaves toilets clean and deodorised.• Suitable for use on porcelain and stainless steel• 12 x 750ml• Contact time: 10 minutes

  • W1 Sanilav Toilet Cleaner

    A sulphamic acid formulation toilet cleaner which effectively cleans and removes limescale.• Conforms to EN1276• Suitable for use on stainless steel, toilet surfaces and chrome plated surfaces as well as in septic tanks• Not suitable for use on enamel or marble surfaces• Kills…

  • Liquid Toilet Cleaner

    Brilliantly priced lavatory cleaner which kills germs, removes limescale and organic deposits.• Suitable for use on porcelain and stainless steel• 12 x 750ml• Contact time: 5 minutes

  • W2 Sanilav Toilet Cleaner & Descaler

    A phosphoric acid formulation toilet cleaner and descaler that cleans and removes limescale, kills harmful bacteria, freshens and neutralises malodours.• Conforms to EN1276• Suitable for use on ceramic, stainless steel, chrome, toilet bowls and urinals• Not suitable for use on marble…

  • BioCleanse Sani Cleaner & Descaler

    …based sanitary cleaner and descaler that removes soap scum and mineral deposits from a variety of surfaces, making it ideal for cleaning showers, bathtubs, urinals, toilets, taps and stainless steel.• General descaling: 75ml per 750ml trigger• Heavy duty descaling: 150ml per 750ml trigger

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