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  • Tool Box and Workbench

    A 2-in-1 toy that is a self contained tool box with a carry handle which easily assembles into a sturdy workbench. The set contains over 60 pieces including a pillar drill, circular saw, vice, hammer, screwdriver, hacksaw, spanner, measures and nuts and bolts. Age: 3 years+.• Workbench size:…

  • My 1st Toolbox

    …discover colours, spelling, letters, numbers, household objects and more. Age: 2 years+.• Features 3 light-up buttons which introduce and give a fact about each tool• All the tools fit neatly into the tool box for convenient storage and portability• 2 x AAA batteries (not included)

  • CVC Tool Box

    The CVC Toolbox is a handy tool for building CVC words. It contains 70 tri-blocks covering beginning, middle and final sounds as well as 30 word building cards with real photography.• Size: 3050mm x 1400mm x 1400mm• 30 x Cards• 70 x Blocks

  • Wooden Modelling Tools

    Box wood • Pack of 10 different shapes

  • Pottery and Modelling Tools Classpack

    …plastic modelling tools (2 each of 14 different tools)• 1 modelling clay gun with 18 assorted dies• 10 box wood modelling tools (2 each of 10 different tools)• 10 wire ended modelling tools (1 each of 10 different tools)• 4 assorted hole cutting modelling tools (1 each of 4…

  • Roman Archaeo-Box

    …11 x Roman Coins• 1 x Roman Oil Lamp• 1 x Chatelaine Set• 1 x Roman Torc• 1 x Wax Tablet, Styli • Tile Pieces• Moratorium Pieces• Knucklebones• Archaeology Tools• Archaeology Book• Archaeology CD• Archaeology Cards• Storage Box

  • Stone Age Archaeo-Box

    Imagine what life was really like in Stone Age Britain with this authentic collection of replicas. A fantastic tool for providing an artefact handling opportunity and a fun and engaging activity for the whole class. Encourage discussions about evidence, types of historical sources and much…

  • Mary Rose Archaeo-Box

    …and historical documents give us insight into the kind of life the sailors may have had and provide the children with a valuable artefact handling opportunity.Includes:• Comb• Rosary beads• Trencher• Candlesticks• Coins• 5 stones• Sundial cannonball• Tools

  • KS2 Writing Composition Kit

    …and open discussion to reach all learning styles. By unleashing pupils' creative talents whilst providing guidance and structure, this incredible kit is the ultimate tool for developing KS2 writing skills.• The set includes 8 popular Smart Kids resources• Supplied in a plastic storage box

  • Magnetic Letters Set

    …letters set contains 265 colour coded durable lower case letters in a strong storage box. With blue consonants and red vowels in line with many teaching systems. The letters are easy to use and are an essential tool in helping children to build words and sentences.• Each letter is 25mm to 38mm…

  • Builders Costumes

    …costume has bib 'n' brace dungarees with tool belt/pouch including adjustable safety helmet. Saturn yellow high visibility vests have a hook and loop fasten front and reflective body bands. Plastic builders hat is a great addition to any dressing up box. Age: 3 years+.• Hi-vis jacket conforms…

  • KS1 Written Calculation & Place Value Kit

    …and enhanced. This is an essential tool to deliver this part of the curriculum and provide all pupils with the foundation for great mathematical success.• The set includes 7 popular Smart Kids resources and 3 Scholastic Maths Practice books for years 1-3• Supplied in a plastic storage box

  • KS1 SPAG Revision Kit

    …An essential kit to ensure that all pupils develop the core S.P.A.G skills to become literacy experts and provide them with key life tools.• The set includes 10 popular Smart Kids resources and 2 Scholastic Grammar and Punctuation Workbooks for years 1-3• Supplied in a plastic storage box

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