Tork Universal Paper Towel

  • TORK® White Soft Singlefold Hand Towels 1 Ply

    Recycled and universally sized. • Fits most hand towel dispensers including the Tork H3 Singlefold Hand Towel Dispenser (item code: 029970)• 1 ply, white• Towel size: 230mm x 230mm• 15 sleeves of 300• Box of: 4,500

  • TORK Xpress® Multifold Hand Towels 2 Ply

    …with Universal Tork Xpress® Soft Multifold Hand Towels that provide an economic value for money. Multi-folded for one at-a-time dispensing to reduce consumption and improve hygiene.• For use with the TORK Xpress® Multifold Hand Towel Dispenser (item code: 039496)• 2 ply, white• Towel

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