• Chatter Tracker - Sound Level Meter

    The easy approach to controlling noise levels in the classroom. As noise levels increase, lights change from green (acceptable), to amber (noise rising) to red (too noisy). Ideal for children with attention or behavioural problems, hearing impaired, or for general use in any excitable…

  • Activity Trackers

    Child friendly and robust activity trackers, perfect pedometer alternative to encourage and track your pupils steps and activity throughout the day. Measure steps, calories, temperature, distance travelled and even sleep monitor. USB supplied to recharge device.

  • Rechargeable Stopwatch with Speed Tracker 8pk

    A rechargeable stopwatch that can also be used to measure an average speed over a distance you determine. Students will have great fun in the playground, in PE, Maths and Science lessons. Complete with recharging unit.• Pack of 10• Size: 60mm(w) x 70mm(l) x 17mm(d)

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