• Edge Protect TriGuard Fogging Refill 5l

    A multi-use sanitising solution for use on hands, surfaces and with fogging machines.Fully certified to BS EN 1276, 14476 and 13697, kills more than 99.99% of bacteria and viruses including CoronavirusSpecifically designed for use with fogging machines (CL10682 and CL10684)• New Product 2022

  • Edge Protect Mini Pump Sprayer

    1.5l pressurised sprayer designed for targeted mist spraying.Made from polypropylene and designed for use with TriGuard sanitising solution (CL10635)"• New Product 2022 • Capacity: 1500ml

  • Edge Protect ULV-50 Pro Fogging Machine

    …completely sanitised in as little as 30 seconds and treated rooms can be occupied again within15 minutes.Completely portable system for use with Triguard Sanitising Solution (CL10635) with a 5 litre tank capacity and 5 metre power cord. The unit produces a fine mist (20-50micron) which lands on all…

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