Under 2

  • Under 2's Garage

    Excellent for encouraging imagination. Features a helipad, 2 garages, 2 petrol pumps, and 3 play levels. Made from birch plywood and solid birch wood with clear lacquer for a durable wipe clean finish. Age: 18 months+.• Size: 450mm(w) x 450mm(d) x 310mm(h)

  • Under 2's Toy Farm

    The farm is composed of smoothed rounded edges and corners with multiple posting/peep holes and 2 levels for play. Made of birch plywood and solid wood, the water based red stain highlights key features. The clear lacquer provides a durable wipe clean finish.• Size: 750mm(w) x 300mm(d) x…

  • Small World under 2's Wooden Structures

    Encourage imagination with these buildings. All around access for all levels meaning it is ideal for group play.• Made from birch plywood and solid birch wood• Clear lacquer provides a durable wipe clean finish• Smoothed rounded edges and corners• House size: 530mm(w) x 400mm(d) x 550mm(h)•…

  • Storage Bench

    The low level storage bench unit are the perfect height for encouraging young children to put away resources after use. Resources accessible from both sidesand is supplied with 3 storage solutions.• Available with clear tubs or wicker baskets• Size: 400mm(w) x 10450mm(d) x 4850mm(h)

  • Hotpoint 108L Under Counter Fridge

    • 108 litre fridge/14 litre ice box• 2 shelves and a salad box• A+ energy rating• 215kW per year energy consumption• Size: 545mm(w) x 600mm(d) x 840mm(h)

  • Mobile Under Desk Pedestals

    • Size: 404mm(w) x 500mm(d) x 595mm(h)• Locking drawers• Accepts both A4 and foolscap files• Available in either 2 or 3 drawers• Choice of finish: beech or oak

  • AMICA 86L Under Counter Fridge

    • A+ energy rating• 82 litre fridge/ 4 litre ice box• 2 glass shelves• Salad crisper• 120kW per year energy consumption• Size: 480mm(w) x 510mm(d) x 840mm(h)

  • Lec 97L Under Counter Fridge

    • A+ energy rating• 97 litre fridge/12 litre ice box• 2 glass shelves and salad box• 179kW per year energy consumption• Size: 553mm(w) x 574mm(d) x 845mm(h)

  • Tufkut Scissors

    Ideal for cutting bandages or clothing.• Size: 190mm long/110mm blade (4 1/2")• Sold singly• Angled blade• Rounded tip

  • Construction Set

    …reasoning, construction skills and spatial awareness. Our blocks are made from the highest quality solid European beech with rounded safety corners and come in a handy clear tub for easy storage. Suitable for under 2�s.• Size: 270mm(w) x 385mm(d) x 187mm(h)• Available in 3 different set combinations

  • SOHO A4 Filer

    …designed primarily for small office under desk storage. This light weight unit can hold A4 files and offers a 80% drawer extension. The 2 drawer unit locks the bottom drawer only and in the 3 drawer unit the bottom 2 drawers are lockable only.• Available with 2 and 3 drawers• Available in…

  • Two Mammoths

    …are made of hardwearing vinyl and can stand up under their own weight. Their soft skin is beautifully detailed and textured to encourage tactile exploration. Sized for young learners, they are ideal for small world environments. •A collection of 2 highly detailed mammoths: 1 x 10" Mammoth 1 x…

  • Millhouse Low Easel Storage Trolley (2 Child)

    A low easel stand with storage. Ideal height for under 3's.Features 2 x storage tubs and lockable castors for easy transportation. The easel (sold separately) simply attaches to the surface of the storage trolley with the use of an allen key.• New Product 2022 • Assembly Required:…

  • WD-40

    The lubricant with over 2,000 uses, including cleaning, moisture protection and lubrication. • Holds firmly to moving parts• Silicone free• 400ml* PLEASE NOTE: Not available for sale to under 18's - To be used under adult supervision

  • Large Scissors

    Large plastic handled scissors ideal for general school and office use.• Shear type 260mm (101/2") long with a 140mm (51/2") cutting blade• Sold singly* PLEASE NOTE: Not available for sale to under 18's - To be used under adult supervision

  • Three Piece Panel Sets

    …can be used during role play or as a handy room divider. A neat way of dividing your play area. Panels can be quickly slotted together and can be stored flat when not in use. Age: 2 years+ under supervised play.• Made from durable and easy-clean melamine board• Size: 710mm(w) x 1080mm(h)

  • Mini Shelf with Mirrors and Trays

    Designed for use by under 3s. Unit is supplied with 2 mini plastic trays and safety mirrors. The shelf unit can be used in two orientations as shown in the pictures. Unit is made of 15mm covered MDF with polished bull-nosed edges.• Size: 470mm(w) x 357mm(d) x 468mm(h)• Supplied flat pack…

  • Fadeless Display Paper Combo Stockroom Assortment

    …paper assortment of the most popular colours and designs.• Contains: 2 rolls each plain colour (flame red, canary yellow, apple green, royal blue, black and violet), 2 rolls each design (clouds, night sky, under the sea, tu-tone brick, tropical foliage and landscape) • Size: 1218mm(w)…

  • STEM Investigation Zone

    …Block Storage Unit with Back • Light Box Trolley with Mirror Surround • Investigative Play Table with 4 Clear Tubs• Low Level Storage Bench with 3 Baskets • Treadplate Mat• Under 2's Multi-Use Building • Mobile Clear View Browser with 3 Baskets• Low Level Den Cave Set with Baskets - Taupe Roof

  • Jolly Phonics Cards

    …spelling of the vowel sounds• Set 2 contains 88 regular word blending cards. Dots under each sounds help children to blend the sounds into words.• Set 3 contains 80 alternative word blending cards with the alternative spelling of vowels. Dots under each sound remind children that two…

  • Soft Grip Scissors

    Comfortable, soft grip scissors with stainless steel blades.• Choice of 2 sizes: 150mm long/90mm blade and 220mm long/110mm blade• Sold singly* PLEASE NOTE: Not available for sale to under 18's - To be used under adult supervision

  • 4 Legged Lipped Stool

    The lipped stools have been designed with in mind the shape of how the body should sit when under a high top table, giving the maximum comfort.The 19mm diameter four legged steel frames are coated in an Epoxy Powder coat finish to give maximum life.A 19mm diameter 'U' bracing-bar has also been added…

  • Budget Essentials Scissors

    Tough ABS plastic handled scissors with stainless steel blades.• Choice of 2 sizes: 150mm long/90mm blade and 210mm long/130mm blade• Colours may vary• Available singly and in packs of 20* PLEASE NOTE: Not available for sale to under 18's - To be used under adult supervision

  • Toddler Activity Centre

    Designed specifically for the under 3's to explore and climb in safety. The set includes 2 crawl through openings, 2 platforms, a slide, 4 mirror panels and an internal safety mat. The mirrored panels help stimulate children's natural curiosity and promotes self awareness. They can also double as…

  • Zown Square Table

    …one piece moulded top. Strong and durable steel under-frame and sturdy steel legs with cross-braces and locking rings. Lightweight and easy to carry, folding flat for easy storage. Folds out in seconds with no assembly required. • Size: 914mm(w) x 914mm(d) x 740mm(h)• 2 year guarantee

  • Forest Schools Kit

    …school activities. All items are to be used under adult supervision. Set includes:• 1 x pack of 6 jumbo magnifiers• 2 x secateurs• 1 x metal whistle• 2 x 4oz pin hammers• 5 x pairs of children's gloves• 2 x potato peelers• 2 x tarpaulins 1800mm x 2400mm• Set…

  • Forest Phones

    …for indoor and outdoor use and can be wrapped around trees, buried under top soil or weaved in and out of hedgerows. They are designed to promote conversation, so are ideal for language development as well as role play activities. Age: 3 years+.• 2 handsets• 5 metres of flexible tubing

  • Sand & Water Outdoor Units

    …with bull nosed edges. Smaller unit is stored under the large unit and has lockable castors, great for sand and water play. Trays easily removed and emptied. Age: 3 years+. • Small unit size: 515mm(h) x 640mm(w) x 510mm(d)• Large unit size: 700mm(h) x 680mm(w) x 510mm(d)• Set of 2

  • Metal Tray Storage Trolleys - Frame and Runners

    …Constructed of 25mm sturdy 18 gauge square grey steel tube with slots at 25mm intervals• Supplied flat packed with instruction leaflet• Please order trays separately• 420mm deep• Available in two heights, for under bench storage (725mm) or level with standard surfaces (850mm)

  • Metal Tray Storage Trolleys - Frame Only

    …Frame Only Unit, please order trays separately• Runners and shelves not included please add as required• Available in two heights, for under bench storage (725mm) or level with standard surfaces (850mm)• Depth: 420mm(d)• Not Illustrated• See page 1009 for shelves and runners

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