Urine Test

  • Urine Test Strips

    A perfect means of conducting a simple, quick and efficient urine test.• 4 different packs available

  • SIEMENS Multistix GP

    Siemens Multistix are the gold-standard for urine analysis, providing a fast and convenient way to test for the presence of 10 separate reagents in urine. The results obtained from these multistix can help provide information about diabetes, liver function and kidney function amongst others.•…

  • TENA U-Test

    …comfort and dignity.• Clinically proven• Pack of 2Features:• In-pad detection• Colour coded results• Soft surface• Test time 15 minutes• Results valid for 24 hours following urination• U-Test sticker• Results CardBenefits:• Minimises intrusion for individuals and workload for caregivers• Facilitates…

  • Greenspeed® Techno Swan Toilet Descaler & Cleaner

    Highly acidic ecological cleaner and descaler for toilets and urinals. Will not damage porcelain, pipe work and septic tanks.The Ecover brand is changing to Greenspeed. You may receive the same original product under the new name.• Against animal testing• 750ml

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