• VU + Data Loggers Pack of 5

    Buy 5 EasySense Vu Data Loggers and save 25%.Contains:• 5 x Vu data loggers• 5 x temperature sensors• 5 x lanyards• 5 x USB cables• 5 x eBooks containing activities• 5 x EasySense software• 5 x storage boxes• FREE lifetime product support• Includes Bluetooth

  • EasySense Vu Data Logger

    …connect to a computer via the USB to collect the results. New model also features Bluetooth. With an easy to use menu and just four buttons, the Easy Vu makes data logging easy and ideal for use both in the classroom and fieldwork. • Features Bluetooth• Large graphical LCD display•…

  • Easy VU+ Data Logger Class Cart

    Vu data logger is a low-cost primary data logging solution that can be used in conjunction with the timing ramp set to investigate timing and the effect of friction.Contains:• 5 x Vu data loggers• 12 x Vu temperature sensors• 5 x heart rate sensors• 1 x Vu timing ramp set• 2 x Vu timing mats• 1 x Vu

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