Walking Rope

  • Walking Links

    This ingenious walking rope is perfect for keeping children together in a neat line when going on class trips or for just walking down the corridor. Each colourful ring is large enough for two children to grasp at once.• Rope length: 4.5 metres• Holds up to 20 children• The soft cotton filled…

  • Playground Agility Climbing Trail

    …is fully inclusive of delivery and installation, no added extras.Product Content:• Balance Beam• Log Traverse• Crossed Rope Walk• Drop Rope Traverse• Parallel Rope Walk• Jigsaw Traverse Wall• Rope Weaver Crossing• 6 x Step Logs• 1870cm(l) x 70cm(w) • Age Range - 7-11 Years

  • Jungle Swing Fixed Agility Climbing Trail

    …and installation, no added extras.Product Content:• 1 x Inclined Balance Weaver• 1 x Drop Rope Traverse• 1 x Parallel Rope Walk• 1 x Burmah Bridge• 1 x Crossed Rope Walk• 1 x Log Traverse• 1 x Balance Beam• 2 x Log Steps• 1880cm(l) x 140cm(w)• Age…

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