Watercolour Ink

  • Consortium Drawing Ink

    Water resistant once dry, our high quality drawing inks are a fantastic way of using colour and perfect for both beginners and advanced users. The colours are all fully intermixable, offering a wealth of potential shades. • Assorted pack colours: black, white, green, red, blue and yellow•…

  • Block Printing Ink

    • Water based ink• 300ml tubes• Assorted colours: black, white, blue, red, yellow and green• Sold singly or as an assorted pack of 6

  • Premium Block Lino Printing Ink

    ink has been formulated using high quality specialist raw materials to give enhanced tack and transfer to superior printability and performance. The ink drying speed has also been optimised to give a good balance of on tray working time and drying time at typical ambient conditions. The inks are…

  • Marbling Inks

    Float a small amount of this oil based colour onto water to create amazing patterns on paper, fabrics or plastic. Use in a host of craft projects.• No additives required• 25ml bottles• Pack of 6

  • Drawing Inks Assorted Colours

    Quality pack of inks which dry to a water resistant film.• Colours: yellow, red, green, blue, black, orange, lemon, crimson, white, violet, turquoise and burnt sienna• 25ml bottles• Pack of 12

  • Giotto Turbo Colouring Pens

    Long-lasting, super-resistant fibre pens in intense assorted colours. Age: 3 years+.• 2.8mm nib• Non toxic, water-based ink• Washable at 40°c• Use soap and water to remove from skin• Assorted colours

  • Daler Rowney Mixed Media Paint Markers

    These markers allow inks and other liquid media to be applied with precision across a variety of surfaces. The empty markers can create unlimited individual colours through mixing and dilution and can be filled with other mediums such as watercolour and calligraphy inks. Not suitable for use with…

  • Derwent Inktense Colouring Pencils

    Pencil to Ink with a splash of water! Inside these water-soluble ink pencils is a spectrum of colour waiting to burst out. Water transforms your dry pencil marks to vibrant and translucent ink colours which are permanent once dry which means you can glaze layers over the top of each other.•…

  • Staedtler Triplus Colouring Pens

    …to its ergonomic triangular design and wide range of colours. The special DrySafe ink allows pens to be left uncapped for several days without drying up and, if it accidentally gets on clothes, this water-based ink can be washed out easily.• Staedtler stand-up box comprises a flip and click lid…

  • Staedtler Lumocolor® Flipchart Markers

    Staedtler flipchart markers are ideal for use on paper as ink does not bleed through, ink dries in seconds so suitable for left handed users. • Water based ink that washes out of many textiles• Colour intensive, low odour ink that is xylene and toluene-free• DRY SAFE - can be left for…

  • edding® Colour Markers

    …tip pens are ideal for extensive colouring and drawing on paper surfaces. Ergonomically shaped grip zone prevents fingers from slipping.• Water-based ink• Washable at 40°c• Assorted colours• 3 day cap off time• Bullet or chisel tip• Available in packs of 12 or 144

  • Self Fill Brushes Assorted Pack

    Fill with water and use with watercolour pencils or pens to add interesting effects to artwork. Can also be filled with ink or paint and are ideal for mixed media artwork. Use for creating washes with chalks on a variety of surfaces!• Pack of 3 different size brushes• Suitable for 3+ years

  • Pilot Metallic Gel Pens

    Pigment ink gel rollerball pen in an attractive, modern design with a teardrop shaped end stud.• Vibrant colours• Water resistant when dry• 0.7mm nib• 73% recycled• Pack of 3 - Includes Gold, Silver and White

  • STABILO® Trio Scribbi Colouring Pens

    …play and colour for longer. Super washable, water based inks for a great clean up. • Almost indestructible thanks to its spring loaded thick tip• Triangular design helps children get a secure, ergonomic grip• Super washable ink, easy to move from both hands and clothing• Line…

  • Consortium Flipchart Markers

    Bullet tip flipchart marker containing water-based ink which will not bleed through to the next sheet.• Polyester tip• Available in pack of 4 assorted colours and pack of 10 black• Pack of 4 assorted colours: black, blue, red and green

  • Staedtler Textsurfer Highlighters

    …Highlighter with large ink reservoir for extra-long highlighting performance• Includes a black 'hidelighter' which covers up text so that it is illegible when photocopied, however remains legible on paper• Fast drying with ultra soft chisel tip• Water-based ink that washes out of most…

  • Budget Essentials Stick Highlighter

    …quality chisel tip stick highlighter suitable for use on most papers including fax paper. More choice from a range of pack sizes.• Water based ink • Pocket clip• Choice of single colours and assorted packs• Single colours in packs of 10• Pack of 4: 1 each of yellow, green,…

  • edding® 2185 Crystaljelly Gel Pens

    Rollerball pens with special, water-based gel ink for precise and smooth writing with its metal-framed roller tip.• Rubber grip for extra comfort• Medium line width - 0.7mm• Available in packs of 10 single colours and an assorted pack• Assorted pack of 10: 2 black and 1 each of…

  • STABILO® BOSS Deskset Highlighters

    A complete set of Stabilo Boss highlighters, Europe's No. 1 highlighter. Water-based ink suitable for most papers, including fax and carbonless copy paper. With an even longer writing length and 4 hour cap-off time. • Contains 9 fluorescent and 6 pastel colours• Pack of 15

  • Chromacryl Student Acrylic Paint

    …acrylic paint that can be used for all kinds of painting, collage, stained glass effects, as an adhesive for waste material constructions and as an ink for block and screen printing including textiles. Drying to a silky lustre, Chromacryl gives a long lasting waterproof surface with dry colours as…

  • Daler Rowney Mixed Media Artboard Pads

    …Mixed Media Artboards provide a stable surface for the user, offering excellent tooth for all drawing techniques such as pencil, pen and ink, charcoal and pastel, but is also ideally suited for works in watercolour or acrylic.• 10 sheets• 250g mixed media paper surface• Sold singly

  • Giotto Turbo Glitter

    These glitter felt tip pens add sparkle to any artwork. Ideal for festive cards and pictures.• Water based ink• Assorted colours• Pack of 8

  • Posca Poster Markers

    …polystyrene, balloons, plastic, lollipop sticks, pebbles, plastic yogurt cartons and papier mache. Water based, non-toxic and odourless pigment ink. • Colours fine markers: red, orange, white, purple, light blue and green• Colours: medium markers: red, orange, white, blue and green•…

  • STABILO® Flash Stick Highlighters

    Stabilo stick highlighter using water based ink. Suitable for paper, carbonless copy paper and fax. Available in an assorted pack of 6 colours.• Pocket size, ventilated cap with clip• Chisel tip: line width 1mm to 3.5mm• Anti dry out technology: allows 4 hours cap off time•…

  • Colourworld Fineliner Pens

    Excellent value fineliner pens, ideal for detail work and drawing.• Metal encased fibre tip• Fine 0.4mm tip • Water based ink• Ventilated cap• Pack of 10• Assorted colours: black, brown, purple, blue, dark green, light green, yellow, orange, red and pink

  • STABILO® BOSS Mini Highlighters

    Perfect size for pencil cases.• Water-based ink• Pack of 5 assorted colours: yellow, green, pink, orange and blue

  • System 3 Acrylic Printing Medium

    Specially formulated for use with System 3 acrylic colours to produce a highly economical, low-odour water-based screen printing ink. The medium retards the drying of acrylic colour on the screen and reduces the risk of screen blocking, making it easier to wash out. Screens, kept moist, will wash…

  • Giotto Decor Textile Markers

    …with these special markers. They will decorate almost any type of fabric. The colours are permanent and machine washable at 40°C.• Permanent ink, water-based, non-toxic and safe• Press with a warm iron to fix colour• Colours: 8 standard colours and 4 fluorescent• Pack of 12

  • edding® Textile Pens

    Textile markers that have a water-based ink. Quick-drying and extremely lightfast, ideal for colourful designs on most light textiles including cottons, silks, linens etc.).• After fixing the colours by iron (without steam), the textiles can be washed at up to 60°C• Nib size:…

  • Consortium Fineline Pens

    An economical yet great quality fineline pen with finger grips to aid pen control.• 0.3mm line width• Durable nylon tip for fine precise writing• Water-based ink• Available in 6 colours• Pack of 10

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