White Sticky

  • Consortium White Tack

    Clean, safe and easy to use. An ideal alternative to drawing pins and sticky tape with hundreds of uses. White tack performs best on non-porous surfaces, e.g. vinyl wallpapers, painted surfaces, glass, plastics, ceramics, metals etc.• 70g per sheet

  • Sticky Note Cubes

    Choice of brilliantly coloured sticky note cubes.• Yellow mix contains: yellow, blue, pink and white• Green mix contains: green, white, violet and blue• Orange mix contains: orange, white and blue• Size: 75mm x 75mm• 450 sheets per cube

  • Pritt Sticky Tac

    A versatile, re-usable white tac for decorations, posters and much more. It contains no linseed oil, is solvent free, safe and easy for children to use.• Unique 'chocolate block' format• 65 pre-cut tacs

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