White Water Colour

  • Watercolour Tablets - Refill Pack

    • Assorted colour pack or all white• Pack of 12

  • Block Printing Water Colours

    A highly pigmented opaque watercolour for use with woodcut blocks, lino and quickprint. All colours are intermixable and lightfast.• Pack of 6 x 300ml: Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green

  • ECO Water Based Gouache Paints

    …of materials including paper, cardboard, wood, clay, salt dough, etc. Easy to wash off hands using soapy water and to clean off floors and tables.• Ultra-bright, concentrated colours• Matt finish with excellent coverage• Inter-mixable and water-soluble• 80% natural ingredients…

  • Consortium Acrylic Paint

    …wood, ceramics, fibreglass and glass, making them ideal for all kinds of art, craft and design work. Available in an assorted pack of 8 or in single colours.• Assorted pack colours: black, white, brilliant red, yellow, brilliant blue, lemon, burnt sienna, brilliant green• 500ml bottles

  • Edugreen ECO Triangular Colouring Pencils 10pk

    …friendly! They have a soft quality lead, that provides excellent coverage and colour intensity, they are also subject to the highest requirements of product safety. The varnish finish is made from an Eco friendly water based varnish. The label is finished in a biodegradable stamping foil. Packaging…

  • Block Printing Ink

    Water based ink• 300ml tubes• Assorted colours: black, white, blue, red, yellow and green• Sold singly or as an assorted pack of 6

  • Consortium Drawing Ink

    Water resistant once dry, our high quality drawing inks are a fantastic way of using colour and perfect for both beginners and advanced users. The colours are all fully intermixable, offering a wealth of potential shades. • Assorted pack colours: black, white, green, red, blue and yellow•…

  • Chromacryl Student Acrylic Paint

    …dry colours as brilliant as it was when wet. It can be painted onto different surfaces including paper, board, canvas, textiles, wood, metal, plastics, glass, celluloid, foil, clay etc. Chromacryl contains pigments that can stain fabric. To clean the stained area, use household soap and cold water

  • Mitre® Water Bottles and Carrier

    White coated, plastic, 8-bottle carrier complete with bottles.• Bottle capacity: 1000ml• Bottle colours may vary

  • Ariel Hygienic Stainbuster Professional

    …an advanced technology that allows active stain removal in mild washing conditions. It is designed to help remove stains and keep colours bright.• Helps eliminate stubborn, bleachable food stains• Can be used on white and most coloured textiles• Can be used with all water hardness

  • Drawing Inks Assorted Colours

    Quality pack of inks which dry to a water resistant film.• Colours: yellow, red, green, blue, black, orange, lemon, crimson, white, violet, turquoise and burnt sienna• 25ml bottles• Pack of 12

  • Coloured Iridescent Film Rolls

    This film creates stunning iridescent effects. Use the assorted colours to create different water/icy effects as they are supplied in white, blue, clear.• Colours: clear, white and blue • Size: 700mm(w) x 2m(l) rolls • Pack of 3 rolls

  • Consortium Standard Colours Ready Mixed Paint Pack

    Ready to use water-based liquid paint. This top grade ready mixed paint is rich, vibrant and has a thick texture with good coverage.• One each of black, white, brilliant red, brilliant green, brilliant blue and yellow• 600ml bottles• Pack of 6

  • Sable Substitute Brush Packs

    • Fine white synthetic fibre brush • Suitable for water colour, oil and acrylic paints• Round head and short handle • Pack of 10

  • Mercian Dimple Hockey Match Balls

    High quality match ball suitable for all levels of play. The dimple configuration helps aid water dispersion so that the spin on water-based pitches is reduced. • Available in 2 colours: white and pink• Sold singly

  • Art Gecko Splashy Watercolour Sketchbook A4

    …for watercolour painting, high quality Artgecko sketchbooks for getting creative in! A4 sketchbooks with 20 sheets of 300gsm, acid free, premium white cartridge paper with a medium surface - perfect for watercolours. Perfect for use in schools these sketchbooks have a twin wire bound edge, which…

  • Art Gecko Splashy Watercolour Sketchbook A3

    …for watercolour painting, high quality Artgecko sketchbooks for getting creative in!High quality sketchbooks with 20 sheets of acid free, premium white cartridge paper with a medium surface - perfect for watercolours.Perfect for use in schools these sketchbooks have a twin wire bound edge, which…

  • Slazenger Dimple Hockey Training Balls

    PVC hollow centre balls ideal for school training, the dimple pattern aids water dispersion. • Suitable for all surfaces• Assorted colours: white, orange, yellow• Pack of 12 • Bag included

  • Pilot Metallic Gel Pens

    Pigment ink gel rollerball pen in an attractive, modern design with a teardrop shaped end stud.• Vibrant colours• Water resistant when dry• 0.7mm nib• 73% recycled• Pack of 3 - Includes Gold, Silver and White

  • Beko Dishwasher

    …and the low water and energy consumption help to keep the utility bills down.• 'AAA' rated energy efficiency• 12 place setting capacity• 4 programmes including intensive and eco wash • Removable sliding cutlery basket• Size: 600mm(w) x 570mm(d) x 850mm(h)• Colour: White

  • Candy Dishwasher

    …basket and Smart Touch.• Energy rating: A+ • Annual energy consumption: 304kWh/annum • Annual water consumption: 3200L/annum • Drying efficiency class: A• Standard place setting: x15 • Noise level: 51 dB• Size: 600mm (w) x 600mm (d) x 850mm (h)• Colour: White

  • Messy Play Crazy Sculpting Soap Foam

    …tactile, children will love exploring the exciting textures and the fabulous fruity scent of crazy soap. Child friendly, the crazy soap formulation is developed with children in mind and is perfectly safe for use in the classroom.• New Product 2022 • Age: 3-4 years • Colour: White

  • Posca Poster Markers

    …pebbles, plastic yogurt cartons and papier mache. Water based, non-toxic and odourless pigment ink. • Colours fine markers: red, orange, white, purple, light blue and green• Colours: medium markers: red, orange, white, blue and green• Colours broad markers: white, red, green and blue

  • System 3 Acrylic Introduction Set

    …set of acrylic paint gives you 22ml of rich colour within each tube. All colours can be thinned with water to pale washes or used directly from the tube; each dries quickly to create an insoluble film.• Colours included are titanium white, lemon yellow, cadmium yellow, cadmium red, crimson,…

  • Crayola Model Magic

    …your art has dried!• Non-crumble texture that avoids mess• Doesn't cling to skin or room surfaces• Non-toxic• Assorted pack includes one of each: white, red, yellow and blue• Available in an assorted colours or all white pack• 4 packets x 226g (approx. 907g in total)

  • Simply Art Masking Fluid

    Used to create striking white highlights or areas for over-painting at a later stage. Forming a fast-drying, water-resistant film on watercolour paper or board, it is easily removed when dry by rubbing with an eraser, soft tissue or cotton bud. Apply with an old brush, pen or cotton bud, as it is…

  • Ready Mixed Paint Classpack

    Ready to use, water based liquid poster paint. This top grade poster paint is rich and vibrant in colour. It has a thick texture with good coverage. • Rich colours with a smooth, creamy consistency • Pack contains: 4 white, 3 each of yellow, red and blue, 2 each of black and green, one…

  • Premium Block Lino Printing Ink

    …speed has also been optimised to give a good balance of on tray working time and drying time at typical ambient conditions. The inks are intermixable and water soluble, even when dry making them easy to use.• Colours: black, white, red, blue, yellow and green• 300ml tubes• Pack of 6

  • Chroma Acrylic Essentials 12 Pack 500ml

    …specification acrylic paint especially designed for school use.• One each of white, black, cool yellow, warm yellow, cool red, warm red, cool blue, warm blue, brown, purple, orange and green• Can be mixed with water to mimic watercolour effects• High pigment load• Non-toxic and…

  • Crayola Modelair Model Magic

    …mess• Doesn't cling to skin or room surfaces• Non-toxic• Assorted pack includes one of each: white, red, yellow and blue• Available in an assorted colours or all white pack• 4 packets x 226g (approx. 907g in total)• Supplied in an airtight tub• Suitable for age…

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