Whiteboard Markers 12 Pack

  • Washable Whiteboard Markers

    …from skin and most washable fabrics and carpets• Erasable from a whiteboard with a damp cloth• 2mm bullet tip• Available in black or assorted colours• Assorted colour pack includes 2 each of black, blue, red, green, 1 each of purple, pink, brown and orange• Pack of 12

  • Consortium Chisel Tip Drywipe Markers

    marker pens, excellent on all makes of whiteboard and drywipe surfaces.• Line width 2-5mm• Low odour, xylene free• Ventilated cap• Assorted pack of 8: 1 each of black, blue, red, green, yellow, brown, orange, purple• Assorted pack of 50: 13 black, 13 blue, 12 red and 12

  • edding® Colour Markers

    …tip pens are ideal for extensive colouring and drawing on paper surfaces. Ergonomically shaped grip zone prevents fingers from slipping.• Water-based ink• Washable at 40°c• Assorted colours• 3 day cap off time• Bullet or chisel tip• Available in packs of 12 or 144

  • Staedtler Lumocolor Compact Whiteboard Markers

    whiteboards, can be dry wiped from whiteboards and similar surfaces.• Bullet tip• DRY SAFE ink - can be left uncapped for days without drying up• Available in tubs of 36 black and assorted colours or a classpack of 144 in a Gratnells tray• Assorted tubs of 36 contains: 12 each of…

  • Berol Drywipe Markers Bullet Tip

    Chunky bullet tip drywipe marker for use on most dry wipe boards.• Line width 2mm• Ventilated cap• Available in black in packs of 12 and 48 or assorted packs of 8, 48 and 96• Assorted pack of 8: black, blue, red, green, purple, lime, pink and orange• Assorted pack of 48: 8 black, 5 each of blue,…

  • Sharpie® Permanent Marker Pens

    A fine tipped permanent marker for precise lines. The water resistant ink adheres to most surfaces and dries quickly. Not to be used on whiteboards.• Assorted pack of 4 contains: blue, black, red, green• Assorted pack of 12 contains: black, blue, turquoise, aqua, green, lime, yellow, orange, berry,…

  • Kitt Whiteboard & Pens Pack

    …capturing crystal clear images, Kitt whiteboards and dry wipe pens are a perfect addition to Kitt in your classroom. Wipe clean and with various useful templates this classroom set is a fantastic addition to the Kitt range.• 12 Dry-Wipe Whiteboards12 Dry-Wipe Pens• Create clear…

  • Consortium Slim Barrel Washable Whiteboard Pens

    Slim barrel whiteboard marker pen with washable ink.• Washable from skin and most fabrics and carpets• Erasable from a whiteboard with a damp cloth• 1.5mm bullet tip with pocket clip• Assorted pack of 36: 5 red, 5 blue, 5 black, 5 green, 4 purple, 4 pink, 4 brown and 4…

  • Budget Essentials Drywipe Bullet Tip Marker

    …tip markers available in bulk packs at great prices. Containing quality, non-toxic ink.New barrel design.• Bullet tip 2mm• Available in packs of 48, 96, 144 and 288 in black or assorted colours• Assorted pack of 48: 12 each of black, blue red and green• Assorted pack of 96:…

  • BIC® Velleda 1701 ECOlutions Drywipe Marker

    …51% recycled materials and certified with the NF environment eco-label. Virtually odourless dry erase ink wipes off easily, even after several days.• Acrylic bullet tip with a line width of 1.5mm• Assorted colour pack contains: 12 each of black, blue, green and red• Classpacks of 48

  • Show-me® Magnetic Board Group Pack

    …boards. The boards have a grid on one side and plain reverse.This superb 610 piece pack consists of:• 10 x A4 magnetic drywipe boards• 1 x A3 magnetic drywipe board, ideal for teachers• 12 x Slim dry wipe markers• 12 x Mini magnetic erasers• 1 x Tub of 286 lowercase magnetic letters• 1 x Tub of 286…

  • Lyra Artists Aquabrush Duo Pens

    The Lyra Aquabrush Duo Marker is a dual-tipped brush marker of excellent quality. The nylon fibres have excellent elasticity for use on large surfaces and make the fine tip stable for finer strokes and precise lettering. The water-soluble colours are odour-free and non-toxic.• Fine-tip for…

  • BIC School Kit Stationery Pack

    pack. Created with social distancing in mind, this BIC Stationery set for schools is designed to be used by one pupil only, to minimise the sharing of stationery items in classrooms.Kit includes:• 4 x fine nib, low odour dry wipe markers• 5 x BIC Cristal Original ballpoint pens• 12 x…

  • Show-me® Drywipe Pens - Medium Tip

    …Available in black in packs of 10 and 100 and assorted pack of 4, 10,48 and 50• Assorted pack of 10: black, blue, red, green, light blue, yellow, orange, pink, brown and purple • Assorted pack of 48: 12 each of black, blue, red and green• Assorted pack of 50: 8 black and 6 each…

  • Giotto Decor Textile Markers

    …with these special markers. They will decorate almost any type of fabric. The colours are permanent and machine washable at 40°C.• Permanent ink, water-based, non-toxic and safe• Press with a warm iron to fix colour• Colours: 8 standard colours and 4 fluorescent• Pack of 12

  • Berol Drywipe Pens

    Slimmer barrelled pens, ideal for use with portable whiteboards.• Black• Fine tip: 1.0mm line width• Broad tip: 1.6mm line width• Available in two pack sizes, pack of 12 and classpack size of 192

  • Wall Planner Year Calendar 2023

    12 month wall planner with a drywipe surface for easy write on/off planning.Easy to display for quick references. Supplied with a pen and sticker set.• New Product 2022 • Dimensions: H610 x W909mm • Pack Size: 1

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