Whiteboards With Grids

  • Consortium Mini Whiteboards with Grid Squares

    Great value grid whiteboards to encourage the formation of numbers and characters within the squares.• Printed on one side with 20mm grid squares• Plain on one side for freestyle use • Ideal for creating graphs, charts and shapes• Smooth and durable for easy writing and…

  • Consortium Mini Whiteboards with Grid Squares Kit

    …complete grid squares whiteboard kit to encourage the formation of numbers and characters within the squares.Kit includes:• Consortium rigid, gridded whiteboards, drywipe erasers and slim barrel black drywipe pens; the quantities matching the pack size• Printed on one side with 20mm grid

  • Consortium Superlight Mini Whiteboard Gridded

    …quality, gridded superlight whiteboards. Hardwearing, robust and water resistant ideal for outdoors use or peer and teacher classroom assessment.• A4 size• Superlight, 67% lighter than the standard Value mini whiteboard• 750 micron, flexible whiteboard• Printed on one side with

  • Non Magnetic Whiteboards

    Non-magnetic, double sided whiteboard with a 5 year surface guarantee on both sides. Feint grid on one side and plain on reverse. The feint grid guide of 25mm is ideal for neater writing and charting. • White surface for use with dry-marker pens• Satin silver anodised aluminium…

  • Mobile Revolving Whiteboards

    …which allows the whiteboard to rotate 360° through its horizontal axis and can lock into any position.• Easily manoeuvred on locking castors• Supplied complete with pen tray and stability bar• 5 year surface guarantee• Feint grid on one side of the board with grid size 25mm x…

  • Show-me® Magnetic Board Group Pack

    Ideal for use in group work. Good quality writing and magnetic surfaces on both sides of the boards. The boards have a grid on one side and plain reverse.This superb 610 piece pack consists of:• 10 x A4 magnetic drywipe boards• 1 x A3 magnetic drywipe board, ideal for teachers• 12 x Slim dry wipe…

  • Show-me® Ergo-Foam Dry Wipe Bats

    These super versatile, lightweight soft Foam Bats from Show-me are brilliant for quick-fire classroom activities. They are magnetic with drywipe surfaces on both sides and have easy-to-hold handles.• Excellent for encouraging class interaction• Made from durable, no noise foam in assorted…

  • Bee Bot Maths Activity Cards

    …Bee-Bot, with all the versatility and benefits afforded by our digital download option.Tackle a variety of hands on maths activities, designed for reception and year 1 students.Activities relate to the Coin mat, number line mat, 2-D shape mat, 3-D shape mat, treasure island mat, transparent grid

  • Inclusion Fix

    …you to support children with the most common Special Needs.Contains:• 1 x inclusion Fix Guide• 5 x reading rulers• 3 x Fidgets• 1 x talking postcard• 3 x pencil grips• 1 x alphabet arc• 1 x set lowercase magnetic letters• 1 x whiteboard and pen• 3 x A5…

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