Window Cloths

  • Window Chamois Cloth

    Made from leather-like synthetic chamois.• Size: 456mm x 380mm• Sold singly

  • edding® Chalk Marker Pens

    Chalk marker pens, ideal for designing and decorating. • Can be used on non-porous surfaces such as blackboards, windows, mirrors and glass• Wipe off with a damp cloth• The round nib has a width of 2-3mm• Pack of 4 assorted pens• Includes one of each - black, red, blue and…

  • edding® Chalk Markers Assorted Classpack

    …home or business. Decorate or write on non-porous surfaces; including windows, dark boards, glass and mirrors. They have an opaque, water-based liquid chalk with a neutral smell that can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Easy to handle, creates a professional finish that doesn't make the mess…

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