Wired Keyboard

  • Kensington Keyboard

    A durable spill-proof keyboard with tactile feedback keys for comfort. •Spill-proof •Reliable plug-and-play operation with wired USB connection•5 year warranty

  • Consortium Wired Keyboard and Mouse Set

    To take budgets further the set combines the capabilities of the wired mouse and keyboard at a lower cost. •Set includes the Consortium Wired Mouse and the Consortium Wired keyboard

  • Consortium Wired Keyboard

    A great value enduring keyboard offering a compact slim design with keys that produce minimal noise. •USB powered•96 keys + FN functions keys•Key stroke life:10 million times•Cable length: 1.2m •Material: ABS•Compatible with Windows 98/2000/7/8/10/XP/Vista/Mac

  • Consortium Wireless Keyboard

    The slim, wire free keyboard comes with responsive keys that are built to last and make minimal noise. •Nano USB receiver •2.4 GHz wireless provides a powerful reliable connection•96 keys + FN functions keys•Key stroke life:10 million times•Working distance: 10M …

  • Consortium Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set

    This versatile set of powerful wireless devices presents the opportunity to experience the convenient wire free desk setup at a great value. •Set includes the Consortium Wireless Mouse and the Consortium Wireless keyboard• Separate receivers for mouse and keyboard

  • FUZE Kit powered by Raspberry Pi®

    …casing made from aluminium to protect it from electronic shorting, static and physical damage• Powered by Raspberry Pi® V2• UK keyboard• USB hub and power supply• 6 USB ports after the mouse and monitor are connected• FUZE general purpose Input/output (GPIO) Board which allows…

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