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  • Small Wooden Discs Pack

    Large bag of tactile wooden disks. Slightly sanded to remove rough edges. Lovely natural resource to use in seasonal or outdoor art activities, or even collage and printing.• Natural resource - shapes and sizes will vary• Approx sizes: W1-2.5cm, D6mm• Easy to stick, paint and…

  • Wooden Rustic Number Stacker

    A beautiful, rustic set of large stacking wooden discs featuring the numeral and dots. Place the numbered boards onto the pole to create a versatile stacking number line. Draw on and wipe clean. Use indoors and out but store indoors. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 250mm(h) x 180mm(w) x 300mm(l)

  • Outdoor Wooden 44 Sounds Pieces

    …with these wooden discs showing the sounds from all the phonics phases.Children find the rustic design appeals to their natural instinct to collect and sort. Use for phoneme recognition, blending and segmenting and when introducing your focus phoneme. Size 5cm diameter.The wooden pieces could…

  • Eco Loose Parts

    …creation. Age: 3 years+•Pack of 120•Set includes: 2 squares and 2 circle boards, 6 rectangular, 2 sizes pieces made from bamboo. 50 wooden discs. 60 wood pulp cylinders in two sizes•Size: Circle - 300mm diameter, 10mm thick. Square – 300mm x300mm, 10mm thick. Large Cylinder - 150mm…

  • Wooden 100 High Frequency Word Pieces

    …100 HFWs on rustic discs are perfect for creating motivating outdoor & indoor activities such as word hunts & walks.This collection, taught in phonic phases 1-5, makes up a high proportion of both the words children will read in everyday texts and use in their writing. The discs offer a fun, natural…

  • Wooden Tricky Word Pieces - All Phonic Phases

    Natural looking wooden discs to help pupils learn the tricky/exception words from phonic phases 2-5.These are words that need to be recognised and learnt by sight because the English spelling code works in an uncommon way. Use this collection for word hunts and walks, and to create fun games to help…

  • Woodland Village

    …may vary. Not to be left outdoors.Contains:• 4 x wooden fairies• 6 x wooden elves• 3 x roofs (largest size: 170mm)• 5 x mushrooms• 2 x seed pods• 8 x wooden discs• 1 x bag of moss• 1 x pack of sticks• 1 x woven basket• Various sizes of wooden blocks

  • Wooden Collection for Treasure Basket

    A selection of heuristic play objects with draw string bag and guidance notes.• 2 x balls (50mm, 60mm), 1 x hemisphere (40mm), 1 x disc (60mm), 2 x wheels (40mm, 50mm), 1 x figure (103mm), 2 x cubes (40mm, 50mm), 2 x egg cups (63mm, 70mm) 1 x napkin (47mm), 1 x spool, 2 x bowls (70mm, 92mm), 3…

  • Stone to Iron Age Artefact Collection

    …items used in more than one period? How do similar items look today? Contains:•1 x Stone Age Arrow Head•1 x Stonehenge Model•1 x Bronze Age Sky Disc•1 x Uffington White Horse Model•1 x Iron Age Scissors•1 x Iron Age Brooch•1 x Iron Age Mirror•1 x Wooden Pot

  • Magnetism Science Kit

    …magnetism works and what it is used for, all packed in a colour-coded tray.Contains:• Wire• Wire strippers• Iron filings• Metal discs• Drawing pins• Fasteners• String• Giant horseshoe magnet• Small horseshoe magnets• Mini horseshoe magnets• Bar…

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