Wooden Spools

  • Wooden Spools

    • Size: 35mm• Pack of 10

  • Wooden Cotton Reels

    Coloured assortment of wooden cotton reels in two lengths.• Size: 19mm(l) and 32mm(l)• 3mm diameter hole• Assorted colours• Pack of 50

  • Wooden Collection for Treasure Basket

    …2 x balls (50mm, 60mm), 1 x hemisphere (40mm), 1 x disc (60mm), 2 x wheels (40mm, 50mm), 1 x figure (103mm), 2 x cubes (40mm, 50mm), 2 x egg cups (63mm, 70mm) 1 x napkin (47mm), 1 x spool, 2 x bowls (70mm, 92mm), 3 x rings (48mm, 56mm, 70mm), 1 x onion top and a barrel (55mm) • Pack of 20

  • Heuristic Starter Set

    …to hold the components when not in use.• 10 x beech rings (70mm), 10 x beech rings (48mm), 6 x 40mm cubes, 10 egg cups (63mm), 10 x wooden spools, 10 x wooden balls (50mm), 3 x bowls (70mm), 3 x bowls (92mm), 1 x ring holder, 5 x drawstring bag (380 x 420mm) and Heuristic play guidance notes

  • Diabolo

    The diabolo is a free running rubber spool with metal axis. Just spin the diabolo with the wooden sticks along the string and into the air.• Sold singly• Colours may vary

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