Work Card

  • Clear Workcard Holders

    Ideal for filing, storing and protecting small to A4+ pieces of project/folio work. A multitude of applications.• Clear, durable, top opening folder• Size: 262mm x 319mm• Available in 2 pack sizes

  • Working Memory Games

    A fun, easily learned game for individuals or small groups to practice using and developing working memory. Working memory is an important classroom skill to acquire for every child. It is important for them to be able to hold pieces of information in their head for short periods of time that are…

  • Credit Card Praise Cards

    These little cards offer an exciting and economic alternative to reward stickers to recognise effort, hard work and attendance, with a space for the pupils name and the date.• Pack of 40

  • People Fun Card

    Ideal for mask making, collage work etc• Colours: pink, ebony, light brown, cream, buff, mahogany, maize and bronze• 280 micron• Pack of 50 sheets

  • Earth and Stone Card

    Ideal for mask making, collage work, etc.• Colours: 10 assorted earth and stone colours• 280 micron• Pack of 100 sheets

  • Jungle Fun Card

    Ideal for mask making, collage work, etc.• Colours: dark green, leaf green, emerald green, tiger orange, panther black, brown, elephant grey and lion yellow• 280 micron • Pack of 50 sheets

  • Rothmill Card Colour Tone Packs

    A fantastic selection of colour tones from the Rothmill range. Ideal for card making, collage and project work. Each pack has a selection of different tones for each colour. • 280 micron• Size: A4 - 297mm x 210mm• Pack of 50 sheets

  • Biomes Cards

    A set of 20 A5 cards featuring a photograph on one side and five questions or activity suggestions on the reverse. The variety of questions and activities means that work can be pitched at an appropriate level for most abilities.•Pack of 20 cards•Suitable for 2 - 4 players

  • Time Chute Cards

    …of 52 cards shows analogue time on one side and digital time on the other. It includes half hour, quarter hour, ten minute and five minute configurations. Each card works from analogue to digital, or in reverse from digital to analogue. Students can state the time on one side, place the card in the…

  • STEM Activity Cards - KS2

    This set of cards features fun design and make STEM projects. With step by step instructions, the cards enable children to investigate how things work. Each card features a detailed explanation and the relevant STEM learning objectives. Each activity card is expected to take approx. 2-3 hours to…

  • STEM Activity Cards - KS1/LKS2

    This set of cards features fun design and make STEM projects. With step by step instructions, the activity cards enable children to investigate how things work.Each card features a detailed explanation and the relevant STEM learning objectives. Each activity card is expected to take approx 2-3 hours…

  • STEM Challenge Cards - KS2

    …of challenge cards focuses on fun, practical, design and making projects which encompass STEM curriculum learning objectives. With step by step instructions, illustrations and explanations, the cards enable children to build and test models in order to investigate how things work. Many of the items…

  • 0-9 Digit Cards 18 Pack with Storage Box

    …laminated cards is in a clear storage wallet, and the individual cards of every set have a small, identifying image printed on them. This allows differentiation between sets and makes organisation of the cards easier.• No preparation required – open the box and get working• Clear wallets…

  • Little Tin of Coronavirus Worries Activity Cards

    …uncertainties they face, and help them to develop strategies in order to move forward with confidence.The cards are organised into 4 themes, topics include: WORRIES – friends, school work, family. EMOTIONS – anger, sadness, disappointment. POSITIVES – gratitude, determination, creativity. THE FUTURE…

  • Smart Kids Key Stage 2 Maths Revision Cards

    The revision cards provide key practice for both the written and oral exams providing excellent practice for Year 6 pupils.The reverse of each card demonstrates the relevant working out and the answer to encourage self-correction. Contains 50 write and wipe revision cards, colour coded by curriculum…

  • Place Value Counters with Workcards

    …hundreds, yellow tens and red units. These counters have many uses including place value, counting, sorting and division. Fully compatible and colour coded to match existing place value products.• Comes complete with 8 double sided work cards• Size: 26mm x 26mm(dia.)• Pack of 300 counters

  • Polydron Engineer Class Set

    …the workings of simple machines. Create models of engines, fairground rides and other mechanical models. Completely interactive with Polydron Original and Framework pieces. Includes comprehensive work cards to guide quickly and efficiently. Age: 9 years+.• 250 pieces• Includes work cards

  • Colour Sequencing Bugs

    …select a work card and complete the sequence on their card by joining together the bug heads and body segments. The cards are colour coded across 3 levels, and each card contains 2-3 colours and 1-2 bug spaces to fill. Contains 12 bug heads, 66 body segments, and 24 double-sided work cards. Age:…

  • interstar Classroom Set

    A set with rings, links, wheels, twisters, building base and work cards. In a large storage tub. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 169 pieces

  • CVC Lacing Snakes

    …a work card colour side up, lace their snake and then check the reverse of the card for the answer. The pieces are colour coded – snake heads are yellow, blue body parts show consonants and red body parts display vowels. Body pieces measure 3 x 3 x 2cm. Includes 10 double-sided work cards 105…

  • Glitter Sparkles

    Add that extra sparkle to festive art work and cards. Also ideal for craft and collage work.• Colours: gold, silver, red and green • 150g shakers• Pack of 4

  • Octoplay Action Pack

    The eight-sided pieces and struts slot together easily and with the addition of the wheels set, moving models are simple. Provides hours of educational play and includes work cards with easy to follow graphics. Age: 3 years+.• Supplied in a storage tub• Set of 296 pieces

  • Polydron Bridges Set

    Encourage budding engineers to recreate several types of bridge design.12 work cards and lesson plans, provide detailed instructions to piece together truss, suspension, cantilever, drawbridge, cablestay, swing and bascule bridges.Build any of 8 bridges, one at a time.• New Product 2022

  • Polydron Bridges Class Set

    …by step instructions guide children to piece together bascule, cantilever, truss, suspension, cable stay, swing and drawbridges. This set enables your class to build 8 bridges, all at the same time.Includes notes for the teacher and 12 work cards featuring lesson plans.• New Product 2022

  • Polydron STEM Set

    …480 piece set suitable for higher level STEM learning. Includes a wide variety of pieces which can be used to create various models using the 22 work cards included.With detailed explanations about STEM principles such as storing and releasing energy and an included guide for the teacher.• New…

  • Polydron Engineering Set

    …engineers and demonstrate the workings of simple machines.This 110 piece set contains examples of cams and linkages which children can use to create recognisable models of engines, fairground rides and many other familiar mechanical creations.Includes comprehensive work cards which guides the user…

  • 3D Magnetic Blocks

    …10 cubes, 6 right angles triangles, 4 wheels• Set of 48 includes: 10 cubes, 6 triangles, 4 wheels, 8 sphere parts, 8 cylinder parts, 12 people and illustrated work cards• Set of 68 includes: 20 cubes, 12 triangles, 8 wheels, 8 sphere parts, 8 cylinder parts, 12 people and illustrated work cards

  • Polydron Archimedean Solids

    …construction of all 13 of the solids (though not at the same time). Age: 7 years+.• Supplied in a sturdy plastic box• Teacher's notes and work cards that can also be used as lesson plans included• Set of 160 includes: 80 frameworks equilateral triangles, 30 framework squares, 12…

  • Polydron Engineering Class Set

    …can be made at a time, including a cable car, gear toys, crane, clock, engine and many more.The gears are made with simple ratios (8, 16 and 24 teeth) so that lots of other models can be invented. Includes a set of comprehensive work cards that will guide the user efficiently.• New Product 2022

  • Rainbow Fractions Teaching Kit

    Everything you need to teach and reinforce fractions! Students manipulate colour-coded representational cubes, tiles and shapes and work independently with flash cards and engaging activity cards.• Set includes: 11 kinds of manipulatives, storage bucket, comprehensive teaching guide

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