Ww2 Artefacts

  • WW2 Artefact Collection

    …all this and more with this collection.Contains:• 1 x Set of British War Time Coins• 1 x Gas Attack Warning Rattle• 1 x WW2 Hurricane Lamp• 1 x WW2 Replica Incendiary Bomb• 5 x Replica Victoria Cross• 1 x Victoria Cross Flash Cards Set• 1 x 20th Century Timeline

  • Air Raid Shelter Artefact Pack

    Experience what life was like in the Anderson Shelters in WW2. A safe haven from the bombings and a second home to many. This pack includes items that a typical family may have kept in their shelter.Contains:• Hurricane lamp• Tins of non-perishable food (powdered egg and milk)• Billy…

  • Air Raid Patrol Pack

    Act out the role of the ARP, a formidable force of volunteers ready to risk their lives in protection of others during air raids. Why not ask your pupils what they think life as an ARP volunteer was really like?Contains:• ARP armband• Badge• Board with moveable hands to show what time…

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