Yellow Cellophane

  • Coloured Cellophane Rolls

    This cellophane has excellent transparent qualities.• Colours: 2 each of Red, Blue and Green, 1 each of Yellow, Clear, Orange and Cyclamen• Size: 500mm(w) x 4.5m(l) roll• Pack of 10 rolls

  • Coloured Cellophane Selection

    A convenient and great value display carton of cellophane rolls.• Colours: 6 x Clear, 4 x Red, 4 x Blue, 3 x Green, 3 x Yellow, 2 x Orange and 2 x Purple rolls• Size clear: 500mm(w) x 5m(l) roll• Size coloured: 500mm(w) x 4.5m(l) roll• Pack of 24 rolls

  • Cellophane Paper Sheets

    • Colours: 8 sheets each of Blue, Green, Orange, Silver, Red and Yellow• Size: A4 - 297mm x 210mm• Pack of 48 sheets

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